Does anybody doubt the electability of Hillary?


On January 3, 2001, Hillary Clinton is sworn in as a U.S. Senator by Vice President Gore as President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton look on.

For someone as ridiculously political as I am, I just don’t buy the conventional wisdom that Hillary Clinton is not electable.  With her $29 million dollar bankroll for her re-election campaign, she seems electable to me.  She scared Rudy out of the race in 2000, and she drew a challenger that out raised her and she still beat him by ten points.  Now, on the eve of her biggest electoral triumph to date, people are still singing from the same Hillary-is-not-electable-hymnal.  I don’t understand. Help me, somebody.


2 thoughts on “Does anybody doubt the electability of Hillary?

  1. SB: I noticed that it’s your bloggerversary. You’ve been with us for a year, right? Congrats!!!

    I’m so glad that you decided to bless the internet/blogosphere with your insight, opinions, and all your good stuff.

    Here’s to more and more years!


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