Mark Warner offers nothing but the same old thing.



Mark warner does’t offer anything to anybody but the same old focus group politics that treads lightly and says nothing of conseqence to anybody progressive but gives plenty of winks and nods and policy proposals to the corporate entities that bankroll the DLC.  That is not going to be sufficent to get my vote this time round.  






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  1. Check out Forward Together’s site… There is no question in my mind that Mark Warner is Virginia’s Best Governor in the last 400 years and will make one kick-ass President.

  2. James,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, it is a pleasure to hear from you. My reasons for saying what I did about Governor Warner are twofold: 1) Virginia’s Felony Disenfranchisement laws which are discriminatory and racist. 2.) The National Governors Association proposal on Medicaid Reform endorsed by Governor Warner.

    A woman by the name of Coleen posted this on the ACS Blog, she wrote,

    Reconsidering Felony Disenfranchisement in Virginia

    “As Virginia governor Mark Warner’s term draws to a close, a buzz surrounds the prospect of a last-minute termination of felony disenfranchisement in the state. In the U.S., Florida, Kentucky and Virgnia are the only three states that categorically and permanently prohibit all ex-felons from voting. A handful of states impose this prohibition for those who have committed more than one felony.

    Felony disenfranchisement laws have dramatic collateral consequences. In the U.S., 13% of all black adult males are disenfranchised, which is more than seven times the national average. In Virginia alone, one out of every six black adults is permanently disenfranchised. The racial disparity that exists in felony disenfranchisement was expressly anticipated in Virginia’s Constitutional Convention. One delegate is quoted as stating, “This plan [which included felony disenfranchisement laws] will eliminate the darkey as a political factor in this State in less than 5 years, so that in no single county… will there be the least concern felt for the complete supremacy of the white race in the affairs of government.”Now, with only one week until his term expires, it remains to be seen whether Governor Warner will lift the longstanding prohibition on voting rights for ex-felons.’s Spencer Overton points out, “Gov. Warner can restore voting rights to all people who have completed their sentences by executive order, just as Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack did this past summer. In fact, Gov. Warner has already restored the voting rights of over 3,000 – a number greater than his 4 predecessors combined (including Gov. Doug Wilder) – but less than 2% of the 243,000 Americans who have served their sentences.” He further notes, “Studies show that former felons who vote have lower recidivism rates than those who don’t vote.” The Advancement Project is leading a campaign to encourage Governor Warner to eliminate felony disenfranchisement before his term expires on
    January 14.”

    Governor Warner did nothing more on this score before the conclusion of his term of office. That doesn’t square with his pronouncement that, ” I am a Democrat because our party led the struggle for civil rights – in the tough places like Virginia and Mississippi – and because we recognize that discrimination and bigotry are not dead – and that we must continue to seek equal opportunity for all.” Seeking equal opportunity for all means wiping the slate clean and enfranchising felons who have completed their sentences and not allowing thousands of Virginians to be disenfranchised by the long dead white supremacists of the past. Governor Vilsack used his executive authority to wipe the slate clean. I commend him for his committment to justice. Governor Warner does not have the same commitment to justice that Governor Vilsak does. Governor Vilsak is a profile in courage. It is not enough to say that Governor Warner enfranchised more people than former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder, the first African American elected Governor in the United States. Doug Wilder ran for President as a safe negro centrist and got absolutely nowhere in 1992. He dropped out before New Hampshire. Governor Warner risked no political capital doing what he did and receives kudos for it. I need somebody to show me the willingness to sacrifice something tangible for justice before I walk the plank on a hopeless quest against Bill and Hillary Clinton.


    Under the guise of reforming state Medicaid programs Governor Warner and Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, on behalf of the National Governors Association in 2005, proposed a Medicaid reform initiative that allows states to arbitraily cut the number of Medicaid eligible impoverished families and make the remaining impoverished families pay increasing large amounts for medical services which are now almost totally free.

    Robert Greenstein, Executive Director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has written that, “the governors are proposing significant increases in the amounts that impoverished beneficiaries must pay to use health care services. For parents, children, and elderly and disabled people below or slightly above the poverty line, the permitted increases would be dramatic.

    A substantial body of research, dating from the landmark RAND health insurance experiment of the 1970s to recent studies of cost-sharing increases in state Medicaid programs, documents that increased cost-sharing significantly reduces the use of essential health care services by low-income people and worsens their health status. Moreover, low-income Medicaid beneficiaries already spend a larger share of their incomes on out-of-pocket medical expenses than middle-class privately insured people do.

    NGA suggests its cost sharing increases should take effect, and then be evaluated to see if they are causing harm. Given the extensive research in the field, this would be ill-advised: another study isn’t needed to tell us that significant increases in copayments cause poorer beneficiaries to forgo essential care and that premiums result in fewer poor people being covered by health insurance.

    Another NGA proposal — to allow states to scale back the medical services that Medicaid will cover for children and some other Medicaid beneficiaries — also is likely to compromise access to needed care. The individual health care tax credit that NGA suggests raises additional concerns.

    As designed, the proposed credit would risk accelerating the decline in employer-sponsored coverage by encouraging some employers to drop health coverage or not to offer it in the first place, on the grounds that their employees could use the credit to purchase coverage on their own. Yet the credit would be sufficiently small that it would not be likely to enable many people to secure more than stripped-down coverage. (This would be especially true for those who are older or have medical conditions.) If employers drop coverage, this would lead more people to join the Medicaid rolls, the opposite of the goal the governors seek to achieve.”

    For more Info:

    Taken together, these actions by Governor Warner suggest that he is wholly unfit for the Presidency. I know why Warner says he is a Democrat, but being skeptical by nature, I had to know more and do some homework. What I found was a politician on the make and instead of leading us “Forward Together”, I found a politician that is skillful in packaging ass-backwards fiscal policy that hurts poor people as progress. That is not what I need in a President. I respectfully submit that you don’t need him either.

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