Reconnecting with greatness


This past week, I had a brush with greatness during a trip home to Atlanta to vist with family, I had the occasion to run into Cynthia McKinney who was running in the democratic primary for re-election to Congress from Georgia’s Fourth Congressional district.  I have long admired her as a principled advocate for her district and for her people. She’s had a tumultuous time keeping her seat after having been maliciously smeared as a left-wing racist nutjob by the media. She is nothing like that at all.  She’s courageously endured their slings and arrows and still manages to come up on top.  I’ll be praying for her as she faces a battle royale in the democratic run-off with her opponent, former DeKalb Commissioner Hank Johnson, a pleasant but unpricipled Uncle Tom seeking campaign cash from any corporate outfit and Cynthia hater he can.