Tennessee’s next Senator


Tennessee’s next Senator will be Harold Ford, Jr. This brotha is probably the best retail politician in the Congressional Black Caucus.  His schtick is full of DLC B.S.  His glib and eloquent persona are the exact opposite of Barack Obama because at least you get the feeling that Obama is a straight shooter most of the time. 

With Harold Ford, you feel the slippery tones of a pimp.  He has made a nuisance of himself chatting up the white folk in Tennessee.  He likes to get up close and personal and touch ya, cajole ya, and b.s. ya.  He is as good as Bill Clinton. Wait. Almost.  Ain’t nobody as good as the master. 

Anyway, this corporate friendly negro has been planning his rise to the patrician chamber ever since his arrival on Capital Hill 10 years ago at the tender age of 26. The rubes won’t know what hit them and those of us in the progressive community have no choice but to vote for the counterfit negro.