What we need in a President



We need a person who understands our place as Americans in the world and what a tremendous position of leadership and promise the Presidency represents to the world’s people. We need a President willing to confront the global AIDS crisis, terrorism, and poverty.  Any candidate who comes forward without an agenda for these pressing issues is nothing more than a pretender and an agent of the global corporate status quo.  That is not what we want or need at this juncture.  The next President needs to come to office with an understanding of the proper use of military force. That does not mean going to war over scarce energy resources as previous Presidents have done.  The collateral damage incurred over America’s resource wars are unnecessary and morally repugnant to people who are supposed to be committed to justice. We need a President with a track record of taking risks to preserve the economic and political rights of marginalized groups.  That means we really need someone else other than the usual suspects.  Alas, we don’t really live in a democracy and the choice has already been made.  It is up to us to make sure she understands that she will be held accountable for the policies she implements.