John Edwards, Not even a snowball’s chance for 2008


This is not the person we will see being nominated for President at the next Democratic National Convention.  Edwards time has come and gone. I say that as a proud North Carolinian.  Edwards was a great Senator, a welcome break from the Jesse Helms acolytes and Corporate Conservatives we have in office now.  He needs to plot a return to the Senate and provide us with some representation because Miss Liddy and Mr. Burr ain’t hittin on nothin’ up there.  The likelihood of beating Senator Clinton in the primaries is nil. I don’t care that South Carolina will be in the opening line up of primary states.  African Americans represent 50% of the South Carolina Democratic primary vote and they like Miss Hillary jus’ fine, thank you.  Y’all trust me on that please.  It’s not going to come together for him and he needs to let this Oval Office delusion go.


5 thoughts on “John Edwards, Not even a snowball’s chance for 2008

  1. Sheila

    Who’d want Hillary in office, remember Whitewater? She won’t win. I’ll be voting John Edwards. We need good, stable, leadership

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