George Allen’s down low racism


George Allen’s cavalier use of a racial slur commonly used in French, Spanish, and Portuguese to describe a Webb campaign volunteer recently tore the cover off the Senator’s down low racial prejudices. His campaign’s various and sundry explanations for the slur macaque, which according to some means “monkey” is unconvincing and insulting to people of color everywhere, especially to the Indian young man to whom the bile was directed. It was a gratuitous and hateful insult directed at a hapless college student by someone who covets the Oval Office. Ryan Lizza, a staff writer for The New Republic has written extensively on the topic of Allen’s racial attitudes and his affinity for all things confederate. The record of Allen is clear, despite his disingenuous nods to honor racial diversity or apologize for extra legal lynching visited on persons of African descent.

Despite the effort at faux diversity within his Administration as Virginia’s Governor by placing African American conservatives in his cabinet. The general thrust of Allen’s positions is to err on the side of reaction, which diametrically opposes the interests and well-being of people of color. He has been unflinching in support of an unnecessary war of aggression in Iraq and its corresponding collateral damage. He supports unconstitutional domestic spying, the patriot act, and Guantanamo bay.          His nonchalance at the Israeli aggression in Lebanon, and his votes for both Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court, as well as his opposition to abortion rights, and opposition to same-sex marriage are all evidence of a closed and deeply prejudiced mind.