George Allen goes courtin’ at Hampton University



The confederate one hid behind his sheet for over a week while controversy brewed during Macacagate. Now that his poll numbers have taken a dive, he is trying disingenuously to make nice with us colored folk. Cute. William Harvey, Hampton University President, Allen contributor, and part-time Stepin Fetchit, gave Senator Allen a platform at one of the nation’s premier HBCU’s Tuesday to remove his sheet, save face, and attack his democratic opponent, James Webb for his position on Affirmative Action. 

The same Confederate sympathizer who opposed the King Holiday would have us to believe that after a lifetime of hostility to programs, policies, and appointments beneficial to the interests of people of color; he is more progressive and inclusive on civil rights than James Webb.

His proof is the bill he sponsored called the Minority Serving Institution Digital and Wireless Technology Opportunity Act. It has failed in both 2003 and 2005 to pass both houses of congress. It, therefore, cannot be subsequently signed into law by the President. Even if the meritorious measure were to pass and become law, it would do nothing to ameliorate two decades of negative leadership on issues of concern to the minority community by Senator Allen. His unswerving support of Bush’s arch-conservative nominee for Supreme Court Chief Justice is evidence alone of Allen’s serial insincerity. 

Chief Justice Roberts, you’ll recall, was a young attorney in Ronald Reagan’s White House Counsel’s office and a deputy Solictor General.  He used those positions to attack the Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action. People for The American way wrote “Roberts has written that affirmative action programs were bound to fail because they required “recruiting of inadequately prepared candidates.”

We are supposed to believe that Allen is a champion of Affirmative Action after voting for the confirmation of man with a track record as a critic? Please.William Harvey wins the “House Negro of the Year Award” hands down. He should be ashamed of himself for allowing a charlatan confederate to step foot on his campus.