George Allen goes courtin’ at Hampton University



The confederate one hid behind his sheet for over a week while controversy brewed during Macacagate. Now that his poll numbers have taken a dive, he is trying disingenuously to make nice with us colored folk. Cute. William Harvey, Hampton University President, Allen contributor, and part-time Stepin Fetchit, gave Senator Allen a platform at one of the nation’s premier HBCU’s Tuesday to remove his sheet, save face, and attack his democratic opponent, James Webb for his position on Affirmative Action. 

The same Confederate sympathizer who opposed the King Holiday would have us to believe that after a lifetime of hostility to programs, policies, and appointments beneficial to the interests of people of color; he is more progressive and inclusive on civil rights than James Webb.

His proof is the bill he sponsored called the Minority Serving Institution Digital and Wireless Technology Opportunity Act. It has failed in both 2003 and 2005 to pass both houses of congress. It, therefore, cannot be subsequently signed into law by the President. Even if the meritorious measure were to pass and become law, it would do nothing to ameliorate two decades of negative leadership on issues of concern to the minority community by Senator Allen. His unswerving support of Bush’s arch-conservative nominee for Supreme Court Chief Justice is evidence alone of Allen’s serial insincerity. 

Chief Justice Roberts, you’ll recall, was a young attorney in Ronald Reagan’s White House Counsel’s office and a deputy Solictor General.  He used those positions to attack the Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action. People for The American way wrote “Roberts has written that affirmative action programs were bound to fail because they required “recruiting of inadequately prepared candidates.”

We are supposed to believe that Allen is a champion of Affirmative Action after voting for the confirmation of man with a track record as a critic? Please.William Harvey wins the “House Negro of the Year Award” hands down. He should be ashamed of himself for allowing a charlatan confederate to step foot on his campus.

9 thoughts on “George Allen goes courtin’ at Hampton University

  1. The story about the Ultra-Racist George Allen is Unbelievable. It’s headline news here in Sweden, Europe.

    How can you be so stupid to have him to represent your state Virginia. He makes y’all and the state to look like fools. I hope you do something about it in this election.

  2. I was a freshman at HU when Harvey came in as president mid-year. That was a long time ago. I have watched him over the last 28 years and I am really concerned about his influence on the young minds at HU. He is part of the reason so many are turning to the Republican party. In the long run, those of his ilk are hurting us, not helping.

  3. Vivian,

    I don’t really have a problem with black republicanism. The late Arthur Fletcher, a former assistant Secretary of Labor was an architect of Affirmative Action programs. I really have a problem with black conservatives of the Claude Allen, Kay Coles James kind. You’ll recall that W nominated Claude Allen, the homophobic shoplifter and White House Counselor for a seat on the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. That truly would have been a disaster if Senate Democrats hadn’t blocked him.

    Anyway, Dr. Harvey knows damn better. His sycophancy towards republican politicians is really stomach turning. It is time that those of you who are principled Hampton University alumni organize and “encourage” the “great” Dr. Harvey to retire into the sunset.

  4. FYI: I’m not a HU grad. I left after my freshman year and went to ODU.

    My issue with black R’s is not the true conservatives; my problem is with the neo-cons, such as those you have mentioned. I am not aware of any current black R’s that I would consider a true conservative. As the Republican party has been taken over by its extreme right wing, I just don’t think we belong there. It seems to me to be another example of internalized oppression.

  5. Vivian,

    Perhaps you know some Hampton alumni folk that would be interested to know that Dr. Harvey has contributed more than $25,000 to Republican politicians and committees since 1986.
    Some of them represent the worst of the right-wing know nothings currently in power.


    Campaign for VA 1999 1000
    Earley for Gov 2001 2000
    Gear for Delegate 2005.2003 1500
    Hamilton for Del 05,02,99 2500
    McDonnell for AG 2005 1000
    Norment for Sen 1999 500
    Purkey for Del 2005 500
    Rapp for Delegate 2001 250
    George Allen 2006 2100
    Jo Ann Davis 2005 1000
    Thelma Drake 2004 500
    Bush/Cheney 2000,2004 4000
    RNC 2004 1000
    John Warner 1998, 1996 1500
    Herb Bateman 98,96,94,92,90 2500
    Elizabeth Dole 2002 1000
    Rick Lazio 2000 1000
    John Ensign 2000 1000
    Paul Trible 1986 1000

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