Kweisi Mfume: On the cusp of victory?



On the heels of the September Maryland democratic primary Kweisi Mfume is still battling the odds and clinging to what amounts to a lead in the latest poll out in this race over his main competiton and establishment choice, Congressman Ben Cardin.

Cardin has aggressively been fundraising since the begining of this race and leads substantially in funds raised. This race has the most potential for a powerful progressive win this year. I have been watching since Mfume’s announcement and had hoped that he wouldn’t have to struggle as he has. He has been grinding this thing out since he announced. 

He looks to be on the cusp of victory, he polls favorably now with Steele in the General. He hadn’t been able to in the past.  Steele’s close association with the administration is hurting him something terrible. Poor Baby. Maybe his President can help? Right. 🙂


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