George Allen’s Deceitful Education Record


“If a ruler harken to lies, all his servants are wicked”

-Proverbs 29:12


Excerpts from a July 1, 1997 Washington Post Editorial


Gov. Allen’s Education Legacy


Virginia’s reputation as a leader among states with strong public education systems still holds, but the inconsistent policies of the George Allen years have done more than a little damage.

When the Governor took office adn pressed for a tax cut while shaving education financing, top business leaders from both political parties coalesced with former governor Mills Godwin and others to object. They cited the commitments of neighboring states to schools and colleges, noting that these attract and retain businesses.

The opposition grew strong enough to induce Gov. Allen to pull back a tax proposal and to talk up, if not step up, money for education. But even as the governor was regrouping, many of his own appointees were not– and still have not eased up. The same intraparty struggle has been waged over financial aid to college students and over public school improvements.

…the Allen policies have hurt poorer students the most. …the financial aid package for a typical in-state student has dropped from 45 percent of costs for tuition, books and fees to about 33 percent.

And while total enrollment at the state’s public colleges is increasing slightly, it is falling in the histrically black universities and two-year community colleges that tend to have more lower-income students.

The governor spent a good two years fiercely resisting the Goals 2000 program for public schools and the federal money available through it. He claimed it was all a way for the federal government to intrude on state control. Local school boards all over the state adopted resolutions calling for the acceptance fo the money. But the state board–all Allen appointees–sided with him.

When, early this year, Gov. Allen agreed to accept the money, his board members were still balking. Not until last Thursday did a divided board give in to his request to approve applying for the money to buy computers for schools. Board President Michelle Easton, reflecting the earlier stand of her governor, was reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch as saying: “The federales will be dancing on the grave of Virginia soverignty tonight.”

At least Gov. Allen managed to shift some of his worst positions inthe face of strong public opposition. But when it comes to consistent, constructive policies to improve education in Virginia, the Allen years have been rough.”

Allen’s black minions have allowed themselves to be used to push the canard that he actually did something progressive and good for education as both a governor and a senator.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The GOP campaign rhetoric about Allen’s education record is a complete fabrication. If the Washington Post, which accepts Administration lies regarding the “War on Terra,” cannot abide his record, I think that is significant and worthy of note.



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