Shout out to Vivian Paige


This post is a shout out to my girl, Vivian Paige.

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, what is wrong with your boy, James Webb?

I saw that “debate” twice last night.  I saw it once before I went to bed and it came on again and woke me up, girl.  All I could do is shake my head. 

I know you feel me because I read between the lines of your blog last night.  It’s times like this that I can really appreciate Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton would have rubbed Allen’s nose in the Macaca like the B.S. that it is, girl.   

George Allen told what the old folks used to call a

“boldfaced lie.” Only in America can a white politician claim to make up a well-known racial slur, claim ignorance, and get away with it.  Then, the Klansman brings up Bennie Lambert’s name in defense as if to say, “see, I have Negro support.”

“Father, I stretch my hands to thee.  No other help I know.  I thy withdraw thyself from me, wither shall I go?”

Your boy, James Webb, let the bastard lie his way through the question.  

Then, to add insult to injury, he attacks Affirmative Action as “state sponsored racism.”

“Father God, In the name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!” 


Does he not know the facts of life, girl?  You can no more run against Israel in New York and expect to win then you can run against Affirmative Action in Virginia. The numbers simply ain’t there. His potential victory rests on a three-legged stool of moderate white voters, democratic women, and black folk.  Webb did a pretty passable job of sawing off two legs.

“Fix it, Jesus. Fix it.”

We don’t need to explain a damn thing about Affirmative Action.  All the explaining was done on the Edmund Pettus bridge, in Montgomery, in Birmingham in the blood of four innocent little girls, in Memphis on the balcony of the Lorraine motel, in Jackson on Medgar Evers blood stained porch, on the trail of tears from Florida to Oklahoma, in the Japanese internment camps in the southwest, in the career of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, a Stanford University law grad who graduated in the top of her class but the only job anybody would offer her was one as a legal secretary.        

“The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved” –Jeremiah 8:20     

He don’t get it, Vivian. Why doesn’t he get it?  He is damn near sixty. I thought we grew up in the same damn country. Help me understand, girl. 

Webb has got me calling on the Lord and quoting my favorite scripture, girl. 

I read something by Charles Lawrence. He said “ Racism in America is much more complex than either the conscious conspiracy of a power elite or the simple delusion of a few ignorant bigots.  It is part of our common historical experience and, therefore, a part of our culture.  It arises from the assumptions we have learned to make about the world, ourselves, and others as well as from the patterns of our fundamental social activities.”  Or, as Derrick Bell put it, “Racism is more than a pejorative hurled in powerless frustration at an omnipotent evil.” 

It is about a pattern and practice of conduct designed to retard, frustrate, and prevent equal opportunity.  Why the hell doesn’t he understand that Affirmative Action was designed to remedy this in part? 


Is it any wonder that someone who chooses Ronald Reagan to sing his praises in his first statewide ad provokes an incredulous response in democrats, in black folk. I went along with it because I saw it as a necessary redneck inoculation to appeal to moderate conservatives disenchanted with Bush.  But, in concert with his tone-deaf comments yesterday, I am just at a loss.   

“Oh Lord, Our Lord, How excellent is thy name…”

What do we have to do, girl?  Get some of the mothers in the church and lay hands on him? Anoint him with oil? This is the seat that will decide control of the Senate, if you ask me.  Allen needs to go, if for no other reason than to keep his arse off the national ticket.  If Ann Richards had been re-elected governor in 1990, Crawford, Texas wouldn’t have had to give up its village idiot. We might be in the sixth year of a McCain or Gore presidency.   

Webb’s consultants Mudcat Saunders and Steve Jarding have made careers out of appealing to white voters economic interests and getting them to forgo the racial distractions the republicans wave before their eyes in every election. I don’t have a problem with that, but what about us? Where do we fit in?   Right now, I don’t know who the bigger fool is: Bennie Lambert for endorsing Allen, Donald McEachin for endorsing Webb, or me. 

Can you help a brotha out, Vivian?