Barack Obama: Safe Negro


Barack Obama has done an excellent job positioning himself for a White House bid. He took the world by storm two years ago and he is still riding the wave. The proof is in the pudding of his being asked to campaign for Jim Webb in Virginia. Jim Webb’s hapless behind could use the help with the African American electorate, given his penchant for calling Affirmative Action “state sponsored racism.”

Why would a conservative former republican want Obama? It’s because he has perfected the “safe negro two-step.” For every step forward, the brotha takes two steps back. Obama opposes the war, but supports the confirmation of Condoleezza Rice and campaigns for the Lieberwhore in Connecticut.

Don’t get a brotha wrong. I will happily support any ticket this cat can get on. It could be worse, we could end up with Harold-I-made-up-a-story-that-my-grandmama-was-white-Ford,jr.

This post inaugurates the “Safe Negro Report”, which will attempt to cover the exploits of Senator Obama in his quest for white people’s ultimate validation, a seat in the Oval Office. 

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  1. Great piece. But I want to thank you for is bringing attention to Harold Ford, Jr. shenanigans. Damnnnn. As much as I read, I had no idea.

    I am all for people discovering all of who they are, but don’t go around fabricating s**t. That is crazy.

    I too use the term “social construct”, as mentioned in the Black Commentator article, which was awesome (as usual), and I agree with how the BC views the term as well.


  2. T,

    Thanks for stoppin’ by. The “Safe Negro Report” is on the case and we fully intend to inform our readers of the exploits of Senator Safe Negro in his quest for power and white validation.

    I knew somethin was up with a brotha when he voted to confirm the President’s foreign policy mammy. John Kerry voted against her as did some other old warhorses in the Senate. That he gave that fraudulent sistah a pass set off alarm bells for me. I started watching him a lot closer after that.

    As for the corporate whore who goes by the name of Harold Ford, Jr., what can I say. He will do or say anything to invade the white sanctity of the patrician chamber of congress. He is shameless.

  3. I was also unaware of the Harold Ford story. Quite interesting.

    Obama is the latest incarnation of what I call “acceptable Negroes.” I don’t trust him – for a lot of reasons. At the same time, I think we have little to fear about a possible run for president in 2008. Like Colin Powell (and Condi Rice) before him, people are more enamored with the prospect of a run than an actual run. America isn’t ready for a leader of color (nor a leader that is female — which leaves Hillary out in the cold).

  4. One more thing – Obama would have been much more useful to Webb in Richmond & Norfolk than in NOVA. Webb is doing fine up there. He needs the help outside of NOVA. Kaine had Obama down here last year.

  5. VJP,

    Obama is their cure-all negro ointment on a very, very, sticky situation. For Webb’s sake, I hope it works and that they do a mail piece, TV ad, radio-ad, or something targeted to black voters.
    That would be the smart thing. Unfortunately, they will probably do none of the above. They are too busy looking for disaffected “moderate” white voters to woo to worry about us.

  6. Wow. I thought I was the only one who doesn’t trust Obama. I don’t dislike him, but I think he is too passive. At least it seems that way at times. For me, political passivity (or meekness) screams vulnerability and agreeableness. Such actions allow other pols and special interests to run all over (manipulate) you. The constituency loses, I think.

    I guess I am partial to the more vocal Maxine Waters, Bobby Rush, Shelia Jackson-Lee, Charles Rangel and John Conyers-types.

  7. T,

    I am partial to most of those you named as well, particularly Maxine and John. To the list I would add Barbara Lee, Corrine Brown(even though she can’t talk) and Kweisi Mfume, who I was crushed to see didn’t win in Maryland.

    Charlie Rangel is on my fecal matter list right now because of his vocal comments criticizing Chavez for his remarks about the President. I don’t know why he chose this time to bust a Uncle Tom move.

    Back to brotha Barack, he needs to get over the need to be liked and loved by white folk, quick. They ain’t gonna do nothin but hurt the brotha’s feelings when their racist media machine comes down on him like a ton of bricks.

  8. I agree with you on Obama and Rangel.

    The funny thing with Rangel’s comment is that the UN property is international territory. From what I’ve read and understand, it is in the U.S., but it is not U.S. territory per se although there are certain rules and guidelines it has to adhere set forth by the U.S. government in order to maintain a presence here. The U.N. has its own police etc. etc.

    So for Rangel to be wrangling about Chavez coming to his district disrespecting the President blah, blah, blah, to me, reeks of political games.

  9. dorknation”

    From the Memphis Commercial Appeal
    March 19, 2006
    By Wendi C. Thomas

    An excerpt:

    “Was the matriarch of a Memphis political dynasty a white woman who married into a black family?

    Or was she a black woman with a white forefather buried in her lineage, a past shared with millions of black people?

    And why does it matter?

    The race of Vera Ford, the paternal grandmother of U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr., came up when Harold Jr. declared she was white while campaigning for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee.

    His statement, first reported in December in a USA Today profile of the congressman, surprised many longtime Memphians who knew the Ford family and believed that Vera was black.

    But no one was more surprised – and shocked and angry – than Barbara Ford Branch, one of Vera’s daughters and Harold Ford Sr.’s older sister.

    She vehemently insists that her mother was black and is absolutely baffled as to why her nephew, Harold Jr., would try to rewrite his family’s history.”

    If you read the entire Black Commentator profile, the idea that a white woman, at that time of racial segregation and lynching, would pass for black and marry a black man, is absolutely ludicrous.

  10. Of course I’ve read that piece. One can also read the piece where Ford Sr confirms Jr’s statement. Our families are aquainted; my father taught two Ford brothers and I worked on a couple of campaigns in TN. Everyone knows that somewhere down the line in recent generations there has been some miscegenation. However, if the families can’t agree, then there’s certainly something going on. We just don’t know what. I don’t plan on asking him about it. I think the question “why does it matter” is the most important one of all. It was an off handed remark that people (some Repubs) are taking it out to act as a wedge in support for Jr in the Black community in Memphis. My take.

  11. dorknation,

    The “off handed remark”, as you put it, is a blatent attempt at pandering to white voters to get them to see him as Obamaesque. It matters, brotha because it ain’t true. Anybody who looks at the Fords can see all the evidence you need of white ancestry. It didn’t need to be made up in this way, but it was. These people all know what the truth is but keep quiet so they don’t damage Harold. Anybody who would slander their grandmama is not to be trusted.

  12. IET

    I think its warranted to question if Sen Obama is the real deal or just another Clarence Thomas. I do. Nevertheless, I like him and will be supporting him in his run for the white because I don’t believe he’s a sell out. I don’t feel that he’s trying to be validated by whites. If he’s going to be president, he’ll need to lead not just the Black community but the whole country and bring us together. None of the other candidates can do that like he can nor do they have a history of bringing groups that traditionally have bin pitted against each other to work together. He’s a black man that is attempting to become the next POTUS! I think the biggest critique against him from the Black community is that he’s not pro-black enough. And he isn’t. But there’s a reason for that. He’s Black, and has internalized his blackness but isn’t constricted by it. I believe that instead of being president just for the Black community he’ll be the first president of America that understands that we are a multicultural society and will work not only for our community but for the country as a whole. We can heal the country far better by focusing on more than just our community. In fact, healing this country entails helping Black people as well as all people of color. No other candidate is likely to do that like he can. You feel me?

    Is America ready? To be honest I don’t know if our community is ready yet alone the rest of the country. But if we continue to assume that things will never change then they never will. I’m fully aware that white people might not vote for him, and if they do, one of them might murder his ass. But we shouldn’t be guided by fears. We should tread cautiously, but with conviction. Yeah that’s safe and he’s no Al sharpton, but that’s exactly why he’ll win. He’s not Pro-Black but that doesn’t make him a likely sell out. That makes him a Black man doing whats best for the our community as well as the country because he sees that we all have common interests. I’ll vote for him acknowledging that once in office he may sell out our community (power corrupts). I just don’t believe he will.

  13. Mo Toronto

    I was reading the comments and don’t agree with your ideas on the “safe Negro” concept…..focus on the facts, which is that Barack Obama, the first black man in HISTORY, has just been elected the new President of the United States. Period. And he did an amazingly good job in his campaign without scandals and looking, sounding and acting very presidential and honourable. America should be proud –Black people, and people of colour—should be more proud that President Obama has made it this far. He needs you to support him now as President, not tear him down and criticize him. That is one of the main problems with the Black communty, we tear each other down, criticize the way we are and what we do and think, rather than and more often than lifiting each other up, being inspired by each other and more importantly supporting each other in our endeavours. And the new president’s endeavour is the greatest of them all at this time, so he needs the support more than any other right now and until the end of his term. United we stand and divided we fall, doesn’t that sound familiar?

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