Deval Patrick wins Massachusetts Primary


Deval Patrick, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

Deval Patrick, a former Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in the Clinton Administration, has won the democratic nomination for Governor in the commonwealth of massachusetts.  A traditional progressive, Patrick ran a strong, concilliatory campaign that spoke of a social contract for all that is both forward thinking and ground breaking. 

With 49% of the precincts counted, Patrick leads with 48% and 227,348 votes.  His nearest gubernatorial challenger, Chris Gabrelli received 29% and 136,505 votes.  He faces Lt. Gov Kerry Healey, a republican and Independent Christy Mihos in the fall.   After four years of wedge issue politics and crass political positioning by Mitt Romney, it is time for a change in Massachusetts.

The long knives of the GOP are already gunning for Patrick. Right-wing Boston Herald columnist Virginia Buckingham has already written a column thanking primary voters for,  “selecting as Kerry Healey’s opponent a guy who not only wants to give tuition breaks to illegal immigrants, but whose plan to licence illegal immigrant drivers may just ease the path  for a terrorist cell to cloak themselves legitimacy as they plot and plan.”

The republicans will stop at nothing, and will use any tool to do their swiftboating: xenophobia, homophobia, or racism. Massachusetts general election voters beware.