Safe Negro Report: Jim Webb touches the hem of Obama’s garment


 As promised, The “Safe Negro Report” is on the case, monitoring the exploits of Senator Barack Obama as he continues his trek to seek the validation of white folks from sea to shining sea. 

This week, Senator Obama, as if clad in a holy garment of virtue, came to rescue Jim Webb’s flagging campaign for the United States Senate against America’s most ignorant confederate, Senator George-No-matter-what-Mama-said,-I-ain’t-Jewish-Allen.

Former Reagan Navy Secretary Jim Webb, you’ll recall, is the former conservative Republican turned Democrat that has had a difficult time attacking George Allen over the manna from heaven “Macaca” incident because of his own issues.

Anyhoo, Jim Webb reached out to touch the hem of Barack’s garment yesterday because of a certain Negro state senator who lost his damn mind and endorsed the ignorant confederate. 

Lambert’s switch was indicative of the black political class being restless and what not.  Probably had somethin’ to do with his repeatedly calling Affirmative Action “state sponsored racism” and the triflin little in outreach done in black communities.  In short, the political Negroes weren’t feeling him.

Now, with Barack’s magnanimous blessing, a private anointing and admonition to “go and sin no more”, that’s over and done with.  The Negroes can cease and desist their grumblin’ and Barack, the safe Negro, can go back to his quest to seek the validation of white folks. 

Who woulda thunk that a black man could be brought in to absolve a white man he doesn’t even know of all his sins?

Let us pray that after his magnificent healing and blessing, Jim Webb can keep his damn foot out of his mouth regarding Affirmative Action.


Statement George Allen should have issued


ARLINGTON, VA – U.S. Senator George Allen should have released the following statement yesterday afternoon:“Yesterday, I found it especially reprehensible that a reporter would impugn the attitudes of my mother, as Ms. Peggy Fox did in her first question at the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Senate debate. My mother and father both taught me to abhor looking like a stupid bigot, and Ms. Fox’s suggestion to the contrary was deeply offensive.

“The notion peddled by the Webb campaign that I am somehow embarrassed by my heritage is equally offensive, but also true.

“I was raised as a Christian and my mother was raised as a Christian. And I embrace and take great pride in every aspect of my diverse white heritage, except my Lumbroso family line’s Jewish heritage, which I learned about from a recent magazine article and my mother confirmed.

“On several occasions through the years, I have mentioned publicly that my mother’s father was incarcerated by the Nazis. I have never known whether he was persecuted by the Nazis because of his nationality, his religious faith, his role as a community leader, or his part in the anti-Nazi resistance.“What I do know is that my grandfather’s imprisonment by the Nazis had a profound impact on my mother.

It was a subject she found painful to discuss and so we almost never discussed it.“Some may find it odd that I have not probed deeply into the details of my family history, but it’s a fact.

Instead, I made up a contrived, redneck cowboy confederate persona. We in the Allen household were simply taught that what matters is whether or not a person is white. And so whenever we would ask my mother through the years about our family background on her side, the answer always was, ‘Who cares about that?’

“My mother has lived a long and full life, and I hope and pray she will enjoy many more years. She deserves respect and she also deserves privacy, especially where painful memories of Jewish heritage are concerned. I sincerely hope that simple decency will be respected.”