FOX NEWS propaganda eruption against Hugo Chavez


Gretchen Carlson

Today, I saw the most outrageously biased, demagogic and jingoistic newscast I’ve seen to date on the seemingly state sponsored news network for the Republican Junta in charge of the country.

Their target: Hugo Chavez at a Harlem event to give away free heating oil vouchers to needy New Yorkers.

Major Garrett, Gretchen Carlson, and Rick Leventhal were in rare form today.  Major and Gretchen were almost frothing at the mouth with seething pronouncements like, “what will he say?” and “what rhetoric will he spew”

They harped on Chavez’s pronouncement of Dubya as the devil again and again and called his remarks toward the ignorant patrician”blasphemous.”

Both Garret and Gretchen called into question American support for the U.N. over and over.  Gretchen, the former beauty queen turned ignorant anchor, interviewed South Dakota Senator John Thune, another blow-dried idiot and asked, “We’ve listened to the dictator ream the U.S., is it(supporting the U.N.) worth it?”

They compared Chavez to Iranian President Ahmadinejad, a Holocaust denier, in an over-the-top attempt to smear Chavez with the taint of Anti-Semitism. They even tried and convicted Chavez in their kangaroo court as someone guilty of “spewing more hate” than Ahmadinejad.

Flashing ominously on the bottom of the screen were ludicrous captions like, “How Dare Hugo Chavez Blast the United States”, or, “Hugo’s Cheap Oil: A Cheap trick on the U.S. !”  and “Should We Stop Buying Chavez’ Citgo Gas?”

They’ve outdone themselves today with this broadcast.  It was a true masterpiece of unconscionable Kafkaesque propaganda that should be studied for years to come.