FOX NEWS propaganda eruption against Hugo Chavez


Gretchen Carlson

Today, I saw the most outrageously biased, demagogic and jingoistic newscast I’ve seen to date on the seemingly state sponsored news network for the Republican Junta in charge of the country.

Their target: Hugo Chavez at a Harlem event to give away free heating oil vouchers to needy New Yorkers.

Major Garrett, Gretchen Carlson, and Rick Leventhal were in rare form today.  Major and Gretchen were almost frothing at the mouth with seething pronouncements like, “what will he say?” and “what rhetoric will he spew”

They harped on Chavez’s pronouncement of Dubya as the devil again and again and called his remarks toward the ignorant patrician”blasphemous.”

Both Garret and Gretchen called into question American support for the U.N. over and over.  Gretchen, the former beauty queen turned ignorant anchor, interviewed South Dakota Senator John Thune, another blow-dried idiot and asked, “We’ve listened to the dictator ream the U.S., is it(supporting the U.N.) worth it?”

They compared Chavez to Iranian President Ahmadinejad, a Holocaust denier, in an over-the-top attempt to smear Chavez with the taint of Anti-Semitism. They even tried and convicted Chavez in their kangaroo court as someone guilty of “spewing more hate” than Ahmadinejad.

Flashing ominously on the bottom of the screen were ludicrous captions like, “How Dare Hugo Chavez Blast the United States”, or, “Hugo’s Cheap Oil: A Cheap trick on the U.S. !”  and “Should We Stop Buying Chavez’ Citgo Gas?”

They’ve outdone themselves today with this broadcast.  It was a true masterpiece of unconscionable Kafkaesque propaganda that should be studied for years to come.


12 thoughts on “FOX NEWS propaganda eruption against Hugo Chavez

  1. It’s not a surprise to me that such “reporting” transpired on that network. Anyone who dares to come out and hold up a mirror to the United States’ (Bush’s) hypocrisy will catch hell from the conservative media in this country.

    Fox wasn’t interested in the meat of what Chavez said. The whole intent Fox News, in my opinion, is to get ratings by hyping controversy. This is why Bill O’Reilly often talks about how his show does against others in the same time slot. More sensationalism unfortunately gets more viewers.

    Watching Faux News sometimes make me wish we didn’t have freedom of press in this country.

    I know that is a stretch, and I am not serious, but Fox News and most of its reporters are a joke.

    The network is pure entertainment.

  2. T,

    I haven’t really sorted out why I even deign to watch Faux News until now, but truth be told, it is purely for the entertainment value.
    They were so breathless this morning in trying to out do each other with the wingnutty, overheated rhetoric, it was hilarious.

    After I stopped laughing at the surreal B.S. playing out before me, I got angry and the seeds of this post started germinating in my mind.

  3. Gabriel, I know a little about Soulouque, but can you elaborate?

    Brotha, that is why I watch Fox too – alternative news/entertainment. It’s kind of embarrassing, but true. I am seriously intrigued at how Fox spins news stories – especially by people like Hannity and O’Reilly.

  4. rockman13

    I wonder what you tune will be when it becomes fully apparent in a few years that Chavez is just another communist dictator masquerading in sheep’s clothing, who will ultimately destroy the Venezuelan economy, as Castro, Stalin, et al did to their economies.

  5. rockman13,

    I wonder what your tune will be when you realize that watching fox news and believing anything they say is tantamount to watching a Nazi propaganda film. Hopefully it will be before you allow one of your children to figtht and die in Bush’s fradulent war.

  6. rockman13

    skeptic… I knew all about the failures of socialism and communism long before the creation of FOXNEWS. One has only to look at the failures of communism/socialism in the former U.S.S.R., China, Cuba, North Korea and all of the former Soviet satellites in the European Eastern block of nations. In the long term, socialism destroys much of the incentive to work hard, to be productive or be inventive…all things that make capitalism successful.

    It is still true that absolute power absolutely corrupts. Just wait until Chavez has been in power a while longer and attains absolute power.

  7. And the chutzpah of the year award goes to…

    some fool who says “One has only to look at the failures of communism/socialism in the former U.S.S.R…”

    As if Russia is doing so splendid under the corrupt laissez faire capitalism that replaced it?

    Speaking of replaced, are you saying Russia would have been better off under the tsar and China would have been better off under British/American imperialism? As if Cuba was better off under Batista?

    As if capitalism is doing so well ANYWHERE on earth these days? After an orgy of greed that our economy may never really recover from. Scatter its ashes from the dustbin of history.

    You have some set of balls talking about absolute corruption, as your tax money gets handed over to Wall Street, no questions asked.

  8. rockman13

    Ernesto, there is no telling what history would have unfolded in Chinaq & Russia had the commies not taken over, but the commies derailed the developing democratic reforms under the Tsars. And you never heard of Chiang Kai-Shek or Chinese history. You shouldn’t talk about things that you know nothing about.

    Furthermore, the commies of those 2 countries were responsible for a combined 139 million murders and other illegal deaths. Their installation in power was like “jumping from the frying pan into the fire” for the peoples of their countries.

    20th century Democides:
    China, communists – 77M dead
    U.S.S.R. communists – 62M
    Colonialism, Africa, Asia – 51M*
    Germany, Nazi – 21M
    China, Nationalist – 10M
    Japan, WW II – 3-10.5M
    pre-20th c. ————
    Mongols (Genghis Khan) – Low 28M, Mid 30M, Hi 31.5M
    China – Low 14M, mid 34M, Hi 91M
    N. & S. American Indians, – Low 10M, Mid 14M, Hi 25M
    Slavery, African, Arab, Orient, Americas – low, 4M, Mid 17M & Hi 66M, most died in Africa.
    India, Hindus – 4.5M

    20th Century, see:

    pre-20th Century ,see:

    * Spanned 19-20th centuries.

    _Democide_: The murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder. Ref:

    You are right about Wall Street, in that there should have been “strings attached” to that bailout, to ensure that the money would be used only for loans or re-structuring mortgages.

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