Black Elected Officials endorse Michael Steele


Michael S. Steele

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In a stunning reversal timed for maximum impact, Republican Senate Candidate Michael Steele, in a trick fit for Halloween, announced the endorsements of all Five sitting Black Democratic County Councilmembers in affluent Prince Georges County.  To add insult to injury, he also announced the endorsement of former Prince Georges County Executive Wayne Curry, the first African American County Executive in Maryland.

This has clearly been in the making for some time and is indicative of some kind of Karl Rove plot or CIA mind control.  That is the only thing that makes sense. That, or either there is something in the water in Prince Georges County that makes reasonable black people go weak in the knees and fall head over heels for Dubya’s Pet Negro.

Do these turncoat Nigra’s really believe, as Wayne Curry said, ” The person to elect, who is most responsive to the things that will make our future brighter is Michael Steele…he is a good man with a good plan.” 

Plan. What Plan? Does it come from the same party that “Planned” Iraq and Katrina.  Does this coalition of the confused coloreds really believe that electing a Bush rubber stamp is a solution to Kweisi Mfume not winning the Democratic primary as he should have?  

They were so concerned about Mfume that not a single soul gave him a contribution large enough to report on his campaign disclosure report.  None of these confused coloreds got their hands dirty to help Mfume.  None did any heavy lifting; By what right are they using the nothin’ they did for Kweisi to justify betraying the entire black community by endorsing one of Dubya’s dupes?

If Dubya’s Pet Negro had these endorsements in the pipeline, why treat Black America to the spectacle of being endorsed by a Killer and a Thug and crackheads before that?

Kinda makes me wanna holler.  What about Y’all?

#1 The Congressional Black Caucus is falling down on the job


Congressman Kendrick B. Meek (D-Miami) is sworn in as a Member of the 109th Congress with Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York and Congresswoman Donna M. Christensen of the Virgin Islands.  Members of the Congressional Black Caucus participated in a mock ceremony at the Library of Congress on Tuesday, January 4, 2005.

 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”-Proverbs 29:18

The Politics of Division

The Congressional Black Caucus, according to the CBC monitor, has transformed into the  “Corporate Black Caucus” , due in large part to the nefarious tentacles of the “racist and rightwing Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). The DLC was created after the Reagan years to move the Democratic Party more to the right and to do this they have unleashed the corporate hounds to payoff Black faces  to perform for them what whites cannot. ” 

We can see ample evidence of this nefarious corporate influence and lack of black unity in the glaring disparity of support for two members of the CBC attempting to move up to the U.S. Senate, an elected body called, “the greatest deliberative body in the world” that has only elected five African Americans in 216 years. The U.S. Senate is the most stunning example of the power of white privilege and social connections.   The top three richest Senators are Democrats with a combined net worth of at least $1.193 billion dollars.

Given the millionaires club atmosphere of Congress, 123 members of the House of Representatives are also millionaires, you’d think that Black members of Congress would do their part to show some love to their contemporaries tryin’ to move up the rough side of the political mountain.  Not so.

Former NAACP President and former Congressman Kwesi Mfume ran for the U.S. Senate this year as did a younger, brasher contemporary, Harold Whore, Jr.  Who do y’all think the CBC showed more love to, the one who used to lead them as Chairman, or the Corporate Whore?

You guessed it, the Whore.  Most members of the CBC vote differently than Ford on the vast range of issues, yet they still support the Charlatan in their midst. CBC members gave $36,268 to Harold Whore, Jr. Barack Obama and Charlie Rangel gave nearly $19,000 alone. 

Hall of Shame

If they were trying to treat both men equally, which Ford doesn’t deserve, the following contributors would have given to both him and Mfume.  The following gave only to Ford: Dianne Watson, Kendrick Meek, Gregory Meeks, Sanford Bishop, Emmanuel Cleaver, Alcee Hastings,  Barbara Lee, Barack Obama, Charlie Rangel and former Congressman Bill Clay whose successor, his son, told the Hill newspaper that he and his father would both support Mfume, but neither came through with enough money to show up on a disclosure report.

There are 43 members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Barack Obama in the Senate and 42 members in the House. Nine members of the CBC gave contributions to Kweisi Mfume.  Yes, that’s right, I said Nine.  Of the $1.3 million raised by Mfume, $16,500 came from Black members of congress.  That’s about 1%. 

Mfume’s heroes

Mfume’s contributors represent a heroes and sheroes roster: Elijah Cummings, Carolyn Kilpatrick, Juanita Millender-McDonald, Chaka Fattah, Danny Davis, Corrine Brown, Mel Watt, Don Payne and Bobby Scott.  I find this list fascinating because it says so much about us as a people. 

Prominent black and white celebrities stepped up. The white creator of Good Times and the Jeffersons, Norman Lear, gave $2,100,  Black Billionaire Bob Johnson and Debra Lee, the corporate chieftains of BET, gave over $17,000 between the two of them, more than the entire CBC.  Black Publishing executives, Susan Taylor of Essence, Linda Johnson Rice of Ebony and Jet, and Earl Graves, Sr of Black Enterprise gave $19,300 between them.  Friend of Bill Clinton, Atty Vernon Jordan and Michael Jordan’s wife Juanita gave as well.

Mfume came within 3.2% of winning that primary against five white opponents who raised nearly $12.5 million against him.  He was outspent by nearly 12 to 1 and almost won. 

The Washington beltway crowd and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee led the charge against Mfume.  Mfume’s two leading white opponents Ben Cardin and Josh Rales spent over $11 million to defeat him.  Rales spent millions of his own money. Cardin raised over $373,000 from Members of Congress alone, including two Uncle Tom’s in the CBC, Alcee Hastings and Kendrick Meek.  A single white Senator, Blanche Lambert Lincoln, gave Mfume a contribution so it wouldn’t look so obvious that Senate Democrats were attempting to prevent a qualified and respected former Black Congressman from being elected. The white power structure conspired through negative press coverage and aggressive arm twisting of potential donors to damage Mfume’s candidacy. With all of that going for him, Cardin barely won the primary.

Jesse Jackson, Sr, whose son also sits in the Congressional Black Caucus gave so little to Mfume that it didn’t show up on a disclosure report, or gave him nothing at all.   I find that astounding.  I have always had great respect for Jesse.  It wasn’t too long ago that Mfume and Jackson were leading marches together.   He found time for Ned Lamont, a white Connecticut Millionaire running against Senator Joe Lieberman. So did Maxine Watersand Al Sharpton.  Lamont is not going to ultimately defeat Lieberman, so these people wasted their time and effort on a white candidate that cannot win and didn’t help a black candidate that could. 

It makes no sense that Kweisi Mfume was struggling for cash while Harold Whore, Jr is buoyed by a river of special interest cash $7.3 millon dollars greater. Similarly, I hope Barack Obama doesn’t think these Negroes are gonna help him get elected President.  Left to their own devices, they will do for him what they did for Mfume: next to nothing.

Our Black leadership is hopelessly fractured and leading in opposite directions that usually lead to the same right-wing corporate cul de sac.  They can’t even support each other based on general principle, is it any wonder that they don’t support or represent us?

Where in God’s name is the vision?   The distorted and confused amalgamation of leaders and positions is disheartening.  We are marinating in the aftermath of two Presidential Elections in which significant questions of black and brown voter suppression exist and these Black politicians can’t even get it together enough to fight that and support each other at the same time for election to the Senate, where the community has never had adequate representation.

Manning Marable teaches us that, ” Oppressed people learn strategies for survival: if they do not learn, they perish.”  If these highly educated people cannot navigate these shallow waters, how can they fight poverty, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, Globalization and the rest of the ailments to the black diaspora? 

Thanks Y’all


At some  point this week, I will reach 10,000 site views.  It has been a wild ride and I thank you for reading my perspectives.  I don’t think I am saying anything revolutionary or different here.  The site traffic says otherwise.  Thank y’all for the support and the criticism, I thrive on it all.

Starting this week, I will begin a series of posts on the Congressional Black Caucus and what I see as their abdication of the battlefield of policy to the right-wing in several key areas.  Given the liklihood that Democrats will again assume control of both houses of congress next week, I think now is the time to examine what they should be doing going forward.

Also, I think that Barack Obama has made it plain that he is seriously considering a run for President, his experience nothwithstanding.  I think the CBC has a role to play in that scenario which should be proactive.

Harold Ford, Jr., The Omen, and the Antichrist


“There are a lot of smooth-talking charlatans loose in the world who refuse to believe that Jesus Christ was truly human, a flesh and blood human being. Give them their true title: Deceiver! Antichrist!”

-2John 1:7 Message Bible

Behind Harold Ford, Jr’s boyish good looks and megawatt smile is something sinister and dark, something evil.  I have vilified him in the most caustic of terms and this post shall be no different.  I have called him a corporate whore, a whore, a sellout, and a dangerous nigra.  He is all of those things and more.  His ambition is the thing that he exalts above everything else and it is on the alter of his ambition that we in the black community will ultimately be sacrificed. 

In the mind of a child, evil is almost omnipresent, lurking in the shadows until darkness falls.  I generally had a great childhood. Mama’s only child, I enjoyed snuggling up close on the sofa to watch TV on Saturday night.  My favorites were Saturday Night Live, (I did get the jokes) and the horror movies that came on late at night that Mama had no business letting me see.  Of all of the movies of the seventies, none scared me more than the Amityville Horror, The Exorcist, and The Omen.

The Omen was particularly chilling because it blended fundamentalist endtimes theology with an exquisitely written hollywood script and it became a masterpiece of the horror genre.  During this time, I was particulary influenced in my theological perspective by my great Aunt, a Seventh Day Adventist, which is a conservative, fundamentalist christian form of protestantism.  They believed in the endtimes theology and they produced a series of biblical children’s books which I read that emphasized the rapture.

I remember in particular being told that the rapture of all believers into heaven would be announced by a shout and a great trumpet sound.  You don’t tell a child that who lives right next to a railroad track unless you want him to be terrorized every time a train comes through.  I was absolutely terrified of being left behind with the unbelievers.   The Omen series taps into this theological perspective brilliantly by spinning a fictional tale of the child of satan being given to a prominent family who will use their wealth and power after they are eliminated to eventually vie for the Presidency and extend his malevolent dominion over all the earth as the Antichrist.

What scares me now, as an adult on the cusp of middle age, is the possiblity of a Harold Ford, Jr. Presidency.  He is the personification of the fictionalized Antichrist, whose burning ambition to do the bidding of Satan was a menace to everyone on earth.  Not to belabor the Antichrist thing too much, I do think Ford is particularly repellant and dangerous because he has sold his soul to the Democratic Leadership Council, an evil entity bent on corporate supremacy if there ever was one.

As a member of Congress, Ford has repeatedly voted to repeal the Estate Tax. The Estate Tax effects the wealthiest of the wealthy, a minuscule number of estates that are fewer than 1% of estates left by those who die annually.  In fact, the whole idea of repealing the Estate Tax is a scam by 18 of the wealthiest families in the U.S. with a combined net worth of more than $185.5 billion who wish to pass on their wealth to their heirs tax free.  

Moreover, he has voted to gut a woman’s right to choose by repeatedly voting to ban “partial birth abortion” a fake name for a rare procedure only necessary to save the life of the mother but written to inhibit a woman’s right to choose in other circumstances.  He has also voted to let small business whose products harm or kill people, off the hook by limiting their liability to victims to $250,000, no matter how much harm they suffered.

Lastly, Ford purposely missed a vote on closing the School of the America’s, an institution which trains foreign military officers in aggressive  paramilitary tactics which often lead to extra-judicial beatings, torture, and murder.  The school was responsible for training the Guatemalan military officers that murdered over 200,000 people in a 36 year civil war. Not standing up and casting a vote against that kind of evil speaks volumes about Ford’s lack of character and his unfitness for high office.

Even though I believe that the next President will be a DLC acolyte, that doesn’t mean that she should choose, as her number two, a man who is a soulless predator that has no intention of disturbing the corporate power struture’s lucrative arrangements.

At the end of the Omen, the Antichrist is vanquished, stabbed from behind by his love interest.  As people who love the world’s people, especially our own downtrodden black people, we have a moral obligation to kill off the rise of this smooth-talking charlatan and pretender to our nation’s throne by telling the truth so that we can ensure that he never get’s that close.

Elizabeth Dole: Plastic Magnolia


Let me make a small confession: I sleep with the TV on. I was accosted late last night in my sleep by the honey-suckled voice of North Carolina’s Senior Senator, Elizabeth “Liddy” Dole. She and her opposite number, Chuck Schumer are chairs of the Senate’s GOP and Democratic campaign committees and they were speaking before the National Press Club about their parties efforts to hold the Senate.

Before I begin the substance of my political critique, a brief word about Mrs. Dole. Mrs. Dole, 70, has an amazing plastic surgeon. He has managed to make her look both ageless and lifeless at the same time. Combined with a mask of thick make-up, she looks like an amazingly animated right-wing mannequin. Chirping cheerfully, Miss Liddy has perfected a public persona of saccharine sweetness and stepford wife precision that gives me the creeps. Henceforth and forevermore, I shall dub her the Plastic Magnolia.

Hearing the plastic magnolia cheerfully prattle on about the necessity to keep the Senate in GOP hands to secure the “War on Terra” evokes a ridiculous mental picture of the plastic magnolia attired in a dress made of curtains, like Scarlet O’Hara in “Gone With The Wind” as she daintily alights down a winding staircase to make a dramatic entrance as Michael Steele, dressed as house slave Butterfly McQueen screams out, “Oh, Miss Scarlet, I don’t know nothin’ bout winnin’ no Elections.”

The plastic magnolia is in deep denial about her party’s chances to hold the Senate. She alone will probably not be able to keep a sufficient number of the ignorant patrician’s rubber stamp minions around to constitute a Republican majority. Miss Liddy went on and on about the party’s prospects in key races in Montana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Montana Senator Burns, a racist and troglodyte is in the fight of his life and has the plastic magnolia’s unqualified support; So does wingnut extraordinaire, Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and the ignorant confederate, Virginia Senator George Allen. To hear her expound on these hopeless races is downright funny, almost as funny as imagining how her half-embalmed, octogenarian husband, Bob Dole, a part-time Viagra salesman hounds her for sex. Can’t you just see her annoyance at the effectiveness of those little blue pills?

I, for one, will be glad when the whole lot of them is out of power. Perhaps then, Mrs. Dole can be put out to pasture in an expensive department store as the right-wing clotheshorse that she is.

Governor Deval Patrick D-Massachusetts


After 16 years of divisive wedge politics and trickle down economics, the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are clearly yearning for something and someone different. They want hope, and the promise for a better future for their families.  They are tired of seeing the world through the rose colored glasses of race and are willing to give an outsider a try at steering the ship of state.  It’s about time because Massachusetts is a mess.  Its high cost of living and deteriorating schools and infrastructure need an overhaul.  As Deval Patrick stands on the precipice of what seemed to many an impossible dream, listen for yourself to hear what has the electorate of Massachusetts so captivated.

Senator Harold Ford, Jr ?


With less than two weeks to go, Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. is in the homestretch of a race that has been the culmination of his ambitions for many years.  He continues to parry and thrust effectively in the battle against his GOP nemesis Bob Corker, the former Mayor of Chattanooga, TN.

We’ve heard much about an ad run by the RNC that links Ford tounge and cheek with a white “playboy bunny”  who isn’t wearing any visible clothing.  I laughed out loud when I saw this ad and give a gold star to its creators.   The ad is a masterpiece of Republican deception that tills the soil of white racial fears very effectively.  It beautifully mixes fears of miscegenation with staple GOP wedge issues in a way that is both funny and memorable. 

There have been shouts from both the Corker campaign that asked the party to take down the ad and the Ford campaign which maintains the ad hits way below the belt and is beneath the dignity of a Senate race.  I must disagree with both on this score.  This is what you get when you date outside of your race, which I of course have no problem with.  He is 36, single, and looking.  He knows that he is expected to marry some accomplished sistah from a prominent boogie family. He just ain’t in no hurry to settle down and enjoys playing the field and whoever throws herself in his general direction.

Given the fact that young Harold is a corporate whore of legendary prowess and a demagogue willing to mine the ignorance and prejudice of the electorate advocating for “abstinence” programs he knows damn well don’t work and put kids lives at risk, and against “amnesty” for illegal immigrants, which is code for anti-Hispanic prejudice, I have no problem with the Republicans attacking him for being too friendly with nubile young white women.

The Washington Post article linked to above has an excellent little vignette about a sick, rural, unemployed, white Republican in his late fifties who is “willing” to consider voting for Ford, but is similarly unwilling to consider Ford marrying his daughter.  People like this fascinate democratic strategists to no end.  They build whole campaigns around appealing to these people and ignore black and brown folks.  I know that Harold won’t make the same mistake, he’ll roll out all the usual local-boy-makes-good-bromides to rally the black vote.  Ultimately, I think Ford wins because he has made the effort to talk to some of these rural white voters up close and personal and lays it on as thick as possible speaking of faith and values and whatnot.

His poll numbers are excellent and he stands a better than even chance to win this race and compete for the brass ring of the Presidency against Barack Obama.  The question is: who will Black America choose? 

Obama Mania: Is Michelle Obama ready to be First Lady?



Mrs. Obama,

Despite what I say, it seems that your husband has ingested the Kool Aid and inhaled the smoke of the Washington chattering class and has begun charting a collision course with Hillary Clinton’s juggernaut in 2008. Have you prayed about this, honey? Do you know the Lord, girl? I mean, do you really know him? Do you know how to pray? Do you know how to take it to the Lord and leave it there? If you don’t, I’ve got a praying grandmother and I can introduce y’all.

Y’all got a good nanny? You may need one because you and the kids will become strangers during the course of a national campaign that will last for 24 months. Can your marriage withstand the separation from the kids, from each other? I know you know your husband like nobody else, but is he ready to be the Big Dog now?

This is it ma’am, the White-Man’s House, the Oval Office, being First Lady and telling a bunch of strangers children to “just say No.” “Is you ready, Baby?”, like the old folks say. Are you ready for the pressure of raising your babies in a fish bowl, the fundraising for strangers and politicians, the long hours with no pay? Are you ready for that, dear?

Are you ready for every sistah in the land to copy every shoe you put on your foot, every suit you put on your back, every hairstyle and color you sport? Are you prepared to keep your man in check as well as everyone around him? Do you have the fortitude to tell him he’s wrong and the strength to defend him when you disagree? Do you have what it takes to tell your husband to “fire that bastard, NOW!”, because he’s more concerned about himself than the President’s Agenda?

Are you prepared for a bunch of right-wing fascists to investigate your private life, the administration, your collective families: Cousins doughboy, and sheniqua? Are you ready for a hostile press to cut up your husband’s initiatives and to eviscerate his character so that he isn’t even recognizable to you? Are you ready for a bunch of blood thirsty, right-wing vampires to suck the life out of your husband’s Administration and the joy out of your lives? Could you go through Impeachment?

Could you emotionally withstand the daily threat of an Assassination attempt on your husband? Could you deal with him being shot and surviving? Could you carry the emotional burden of his death and still survive?

Lastly, are you ready for every two-bit tramp and hussy that is willing to prostrate herself at your husband’s feet, willing to do anything and everything for the chance to be near his masculine power? Can you deal, girl? Again, do you know the Lord, honey? Do you know how to pray?

America will be watching, praying, and waiting for your decision.

Ken Blackwell and Vernon Robinson: Black Stormtroopers for the Religious Right



Lost in the white fantasy world of right-wing extremism, Ken Blackwell and Vernon Robinson are the this year’s dynamic duo of wingnuttery.  These black stormtroopers for the religious right defy all logic and reason and teeter dangerously on the edge of insanity.Obsessed with homosexuality and same-sex marriage, they have left no stone unturned in their ruthless and bigoted culture war against gay people, the most pressing issue on their narrow little their minds. 

There is a so-called war on terror, high unemployment, crumbling schools, deteriorating housing and health care opportunities to be worried about for black families and all these two can be worried about is gay folk, as if they can escaped somehow.

There is a genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan that has claimed the lives of nearly 450,000 Sudanese, most of whom are Christians since 2003.  The Bush Administration and its number one black foreign minstrel, Condoleezza Rice hasn’t done anything concrete to stop the killing. Isn’t that slightly more important than the “menace” of same-sex marriage?

Two million Africans died from HIV last year. They were killed by the indifference of the Industrialized World that has promised much and done little to stem the tide of disease and death.  HIV is on pace to wipe out entire generations of people in sub Saharan Africa if it is not stopped.  How many black lives and black families need to be destroyed in Africa and America before we realize that we need to be concerned with something other than the hateful scapegoating of gay people. Socially ostracizing gay people and preaching hate against gays and lesbians will not ever solve the problems in the black community.

The virus of theocratic fascism has infiltrated the black church and is driving a wedge between black people of faith and the black political leadership empowered by the black church during the civil rights era.  Before there was a Jesse Jackson there was Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.  He was Black America’s most famous preacher-politician.  Elected as one of only two black members of congress in the forties, Adam Clayton Powell became Black America’s charismatic prince melding the philosophical influences of the black church into his politics for the social, political, and economic uplift of black people.  He attacked Jim Crow segregation  inside and outside the halls of congress with legislation and boycotts.  Into this tradition of leadership came Martin Luther King, Andrew Young, John Lewis, Jesse Jackson, Bill Gray and others.    They risked their lives marching to create the reality of today.  This is the tradition Ken Blackwell, Vernon Robinson and their jack-booted fellow travelers ignore and desecrate at the peril of the black community.

Ken Blackwell and Vernon Robinson are enabled by a tight and growing network of black religious conservatives caught up in the ideological cul de sac of homophobia and republican politics. Some of the leading lights of black reaction are:  Bishop Harry Jackson, of the High Impact Coalition, Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King, Dr. King’s daughter, Rev. Bernice King and her pastor, Bishop Eddie Long.  Jackson, Long and Alveda King have all endorsed or participated in GOP campaigns or causes.

Ken Blackwell, Ohio’s Secretary of State is attempting to make the jump into the Governor’s mansion on the back of a thundering wave of right wing hysteria and reaction. He has sought and won the support of the most vociferous proponents of scorched earth conservatism and white supremacy. His previous service enabling Bush to steal the last Presidential election in Ohio is supposed to recommend him to the far-right but those loyal right-wing rubes are leaving him in droves this year.

The huge GOP scandals in Ohio this year have virtually destroyed Republican chances statewide if a fair vote without the interference of fixed Diebold machines is allowed to be held.  As many have pointed out, Bush and his GOP don’t like black people and tickets led by them usually lose as they become entangled in suffocating webs of of wingnuttery.  This year is no different, but the prominence of these black conservatives serves as a direct challenge to the democratic party to put forward more black and brown candidates for statewide offices that people of color usually shy away from.

Vernon Robinson, a former Winston-Salem, NC alderman, is just an unfathomable lunatic that is in dire need of psychiatric help.  Born into the middle class, the son of a Tuskegee Airman, he has absolutely no excuse for his far right extremism and white supremacist worship.   Yes, that is a picture of Vernon with Jesse-I-hate-blacks-and-gays-Helms.

A fascist firebrand, he specializes in shock politics and infammatory rhetoric that fixates on sex.  His political ads make Kerry Healey’s look subtle in comparison.  A frequent candidate for state and national office, he often loses but has raised millions from conservative knuckle draggers.

My favorite ad of the season is this one from the Robinson campaign which says it all

The Audacity of Hype: Obama’s Meet the Press Interview



Like a toke on some good weed, Barack Obama has been inhaling the considerable smoke the eastablishment press has been blowing up his narrow behind. He acknowledged today on Meet the Press, that he will be seriously considering a Presidential bid after the Nov 7th midterm elections. Obama told Tim Russert that “Given the response I’ve been getting the last several months, I have thought about the possibility” although not with any seriousness or depth, Barack said. “My focus is on ‘06. … After November 7, I’ll sit down and consider it.”

This can only be considered bad news. As I’ve said before, the Clinton’s don’t play well with people not on the home team. He will have arrayed against him the most gifted political strategist in the history of the cosmos, Bill Clinton. It is going to be a very tough slog that he will have to grind out. I don’t think it is doable. The Clinton’s will be poised to annhilate him politically and it can be done with the help of the establishment press. His rhetoric of Hope will be snuffed out and he will be substantially outraised. I don’t care what the dreamy eyed liberals say.

Let’s assume the brotha does run. What is the strategy? Does he really think he can win Iowa and New Hampshire? Two states that ain’t got two Negroes to rub together? New Hampshire is 96.2% white. It’s black population is not even 1%. His popularity in Iowa notwithstanding, being a Senator from a neighboring state, does he really believe he can do this against the most formidable political juggernaut ever assembled for a non-incumbent democrat. These two states are the whole enchilada in the process with Nevada and South Carolina thrown in. This is the starting line up. After these four states go forward, its over.

Given his rhetoric about race and his emphasis on bringing people together, I don’t see how he can launch a candidacy and ignore Iowa and New Hampshire. This has been tried before by Jesse Jackson and Doug Wilder. Doug Wilder, former Governor of Virginia and now Mayor of Richmond attempted to make a case for his election as America’s first black President. His announcement speech is quite good and you can read it in the above link.

His candidacy was killed in the crib by a focus group of democrats in New Hampshire. You see, they liked his message and his background. When they found out he was black, they reacted negatively. The idea that Barack Obama is ready for this challenge at this time is just ludicrous to me right now. I think he needs more seasoning. There is nothing better than the Vice Presidency to get it. I think this should be the focus of his efforts and if you believe the same, shoot me an email at

Kerry Healey just can’t let the rapist wedge issue go


Healey AD : Here’s a question: if a teacher at your kids school, or a friend, or a co-worker, or anyone you knew actually praised a convicted rapist, what would you think? Deval Patrick did. Here’s what he said about brutal rapist Ben Le Guer: “He is eloquent, he is thoughtful there’s no doubt about that.” Here’s another question: Have you ever heard a woman complement a rapist? Deval Patrick, he should be ashamed, not governor.

That’s quite an ad.  Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov Kerry Healey essentially smears democrat Deval Patrick as being soft on crime and soft on rapists.  Here’s a question for Scarlet O’ Healey: Where the hell was your concern for victims of rape and the civilian enablers that turned a blind eye when women and children were raped by American service men and contractors at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison? Why did you endorse George W. Bush for re-election at the 2004 Republican National Convention? Of the 600 personnel implicated in prisoner abuse, only 74 military personnel have had court martial charges brought against them.  

Did you watch the videotapes of the rapes and other sexual abuse Scarlet? Did you read the Taguba report? Did you stand up on principle and demand accountabilty from the Cheney/Bush Administration? No. Instead, you co-chaired the Massachusetts campaign for George W. Bush’s  re-election despite his egregious incompetence and gratuitous ignorance, and yet you deign to cast aspersions on, and assassinate the character of Deval Patrick.  Wingnuts like Scarlet O’Healey affirm the words of Benjamin Disraeli: A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy. 

I guess the victimization of white women by men of color is the only thing sufficient enough to get your dander up and arouse the slumbering giant of white fear of black and brown crime.

Keith Olbermann is the bomb


From Olbermann’s editorial, “We have handed a blank check drawn against our freedom to a man who has said it is unacceptable to compare anything this country has ever done to anything the terrorists have ever done.

We have handed a blank check drawn against our freedom to a man who has insisted again that “the United States does not torture. It’s against our laws and it’s against our values” and who has said it with a straight face while the pictures from Abu Ghraib Prison and the stories of Waterboarding figuratively fade in and out, around him.

We have handed a blank check drawn against our freedom to a man who may now, if he so decides, declare not merely any non-American citizens “unlawful enemy combatants” and ship them somewhere—anywhere —  but may now, if he so decides, declare you an “unlawful enemy combatant” and ship you somewhere – anywhere.”

“…And if you somehow think habeas corpus has not been suspended for American citizens but only for everybody else, ask yourself this: If you are pulled off the street tomorrow, and they call you an alien or an undocumented immigrant or an “unlawful enemy combatant”—exactly how are you going to convince them to give you a court hearing to prove you are not? Do you think this attorney general is going to help you?”

Keith Olbermann is the Bomb, for real though.

GOP wedge issue du jour: Illegal Immigration


Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov Kerry Healey has another racist wedge issue ad out bashing her African American opponent Deval Patrick for his stand on in-state tuition and drivers licences for Illegal Immigrants.  Scarlet O’Healey is intent on exhausting the right wing treasure trove of wedge issues before the campaign concludes.  This bigotfest against immigrants, mostly directed at undocumented mexicans, is a popular device this year for the trust fund racists in the republican party.

Being a Florida native, you’d think that Scarlet O’Healey would be used to Latino’s and their manifold contributions to our nation.  There are over 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States and they ain’t going nowhere.  When the campaign ends and the histrionics die down, all of them will still be here trying to make a living and raising their children. 

Anybody want to put down a bet that Kerry has Latino help in her expensive mansion estate in Beverly?  How bout’ the $2 million dollar vacation home in Vermont? Or their vacation home in Florida? No takers?  Damn. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids down in the polls by double digits

Also today, the California GOP announced that it is demanding the withdrawal of their Congressional candidate Tan D. Nguyen, also an immigrant, for conspiring with his campaign staff to send a deceptive filer “threatening Hispanic immigrant voters with arrest”.  He was running against Loretta Sanchez, a Democratic Congresswoman from Orange County, formerly a GOP bastion changed by an influx of immigration.  I knew God was still on the throne when she defeated Congressman Bob Dornan, a racist wingnut to the tenth power, in 1996.

Harold Ford endorses Lieberman


The feminist Kate Millet once described prostitution not necessitated by poverty as a “psychological addiction.”  In that same vein, I believe that political prostitution, when motivated by ambition, might also be defined as a species of psychological addiction, built on expediency through repetitions of the act of sale by which a whore is defined.

In yet another shameless attempt to pander to Tennessee’s “moderate” white electorate, Congressman Harold Whore, Jr. endorsed Senator Joe Lieberwhore’s Independent candidacy for the U.S. Senate over that of Democratic nominee Ned Lamont.  The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee officially supports the Democratic nominee in every state, including Ford and Ned Lamont. 

Harold’s shameless arrogance and expediency in supporting a GOP backed, right-wing enabler is the purest expression of contempt that he could show the African American community and the Democratic Party in Tennessee. The GOP is in collusion with the Lieberwhore to give their corporate congressional flacks a popular anchor from the gale force winds of electoral discontent.

To put it simply, the Republican agenda is not a black agenda and any black politician who gives aid and comfort to a corporate shill that supports that agenda is a traitor to the black community and to his party. I had high hopes for this brotha years ago.  He has turned out to be nothing more than an Ivy League educated coon willing to sell out the community that made sacrifices so that he could realize his republicrat aspirations.

Michael Steele’s crackup


Michael Steele

 “Finally, King Achish said to his men, “Must you bring me a madman?” 

-1 Samuel 21:14

One would rationally expect that when his people brought him the insane idea of endorsements by a convicted killer and a convicted rapist, Michael Steele would have reacted like Achish. In a further sign that Michael Steele is in need of rehab or a padded cell, the endorsements by Don King and Mike Tyson of his Senate campaign indicate the lunacy or substance abuse of his entire campaign team.  Desperate for black endorsements, Steele campaign operatives have stooped to using crackheads as black props in their endorsement press conferences.

Apparently, some of those brothas ain’t clean and are sharing their extra rocks with the campaign staff, or the campaign people are schizophrenics trying to self medicate, because there is no rational explanation for producing two press conferences to showcase these endorsements.

Who in God’s name are these endorsements supposed to sway? White suburban crystal meth addicts? Black Inner city crackheads? Somebody please help me to understand. Steve Gillard is absolutely right, you just can’t make this up.   Similarly, Oliver Willis hit the nail on the head when he asserts that by accepting these endorsements, Michael Steele, “spits in the face of black America”.  Moreover, Steve Gillard is on point when he advocates that Steele’s opponent Ben Cardin should spread this political manna from heaven to every white republican and independent in the state of Maryland.

The great Kingfish, Huey Long of Louisiana, a liberal populist former Governor and U.S. Senator during the twenties and thirties, used to blanket his impoverished state in campaign circulars during election time.  After reading them, the impoverished people would use the circulars as toilet paper.   It suited the Kingfish just fine.  He wanted the state so covered in literature that nobody could wipe their backside without using a piece of paper with his picture on it.

Ben Cardin would do well to heed the example and nuke Steele day and night with his own manifest ignorance.