Dubya fired Uncle-General Colin


The fabulously esteemed Uncle-General, Colin Powell has now disclosed that after doing his duty and peddling lies to facilitate the Administration’s war of unnecessary imperialist aggression, President Bush tossed him aside in favor of his slave mistress.  How cute.  Is this the part where I’m supposed to feel sorry for a man who turns a blind eye to African suffering, Haitian democracy, and the voting rights of his own people?

It ain’t gonna happen.  The fact that he dated his “resignation letter” on my birthday makes it even sweeter. It is the least he can do to challenge Administration policy from the outside and inflict maximum damage at this critical time.  He owes it to all of us.  Too bad it won’t be sufficient to atone for his war-crimes.


5 thoughts on “Dubya fired Uncle-General Colin

  1. The Bush’s are some cut throat, ignorant people. Too bad Condi didn’t have enough backbone to say, “No, I will not stab my brother in the back to further peddle your lies and aggression.”

    Although I appreciate her a little bit more after seeing the 60-Minutes interview, Condi’s loyalty really blinds her.

  2. RJ

    The Bush Administration in no different from any other administration in US history… Except for the fact that the yes men and women nod a little harder and are more like cheerleaders and pitchmen than they are staff… When the better angels of his nature took hold, Colin Powell realized that he could no longer casually sip the Kool-Aid that everyone else in the administration (Condi Rice included) were peddling. He did as his conscience dictated… He resigned… Powell has to live with the fact that his efforts lead soldiers to be sent into harm’s way based on fabricated intelligence. I trust it probably gives him no comfort. He did the honorable thing to do when you reach an empasse. He left. I respect that far more than “towing the party line” just to keep your job. Love or hate Colin Powell (and I have a deep respect for the man politics be damned) you have to recognize that he’s not perfect. Calling him an Uncle Tom or a sell out is far too simplistic…

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