Kerry Healey’s racist Ad


Tearing a page out of¬†Lee Atwater’s Bush/Quayle 88 playbook, Kerry Healey launches her own Willie Horton ad in which she in essence morphs Deval Patrick into Horton.¬† Her¬†contention that Patrick, who defended¬†a man¬†in a capitol case, is unfit to become governor is both ludicrous and racist.

Way to go Kerry, just when people thought you might stick to the high road, you take the lowest one possible.  So much for issues. 

Why not just call Deval a Macaca and get it over with, girl.¬† Or better yet, sweetie, why don’t ya don colonial attire, a cocked hat, mount a horse and ride up and down Massacuhsetts screaming “the niggers are coming, the niggers are coming, the niggers are coming.”¬†¬†Isn’t that what you really want to say, dear?¬† Isn’t that what this soft on crime business is really all about?