Kerry Healey’s racist Ad


Tearing a page out of Lee Atwater’s Bush/Quayle 88 playbook, Kerry Healey launches her own Willie Horton ad in which she in essence morphs Deval Patrick into Horton.  Her contention that Patrick, who defended a man in a capitol case, is unfit to become governor is both ludicrous and racist.

Way to go Kerry, just when people thought you might stick to the high road, you take the lowest one possible.  So much for issues. 

Why not just call Deval a Macaca and get it over with, girl.  Or better yet, sweetie, why don’t ya don colonial attire, a cocked hat, mount a horse and ride up and down Massacuhsetts screaming “the niggers are coming, the niggers are coming, the niggers are coming.”  Isn’t that what you really want to say, dear?  Isn’t that what this soft on crime business is really all about?

13 thoughts on “Kerry Healey’s racist Ad

  1. First, “the niggers are coming” made me laugh out loud, which is a bit of an issue because I’m at work. When people asked what I was laughing at, i didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t really say “umm, because the niggers are coming.”

    Second, I had the really depressing thought that in a number of districts, shouting “the niggers are coming” is probably a surefire way to get elected.

  2. CaptFriday

    When did we think Kerry was going to take the high road? She’s been running a s;leazy campaign for weeks, starting off with “Deval wants to let illegal immigrant come and murder you in your sleep, using your own frivilously spent tax money to strangle you.” This is a new low, but wait for what comes next.

  3. Captain,

    My bad, upon further examination of Kerry Healey’s campaign, I find a craven willingness to use wedge issues to see which one works best to pander to fearful white suburbanites.

  4. CaptFriday

    craven willingness to use wedge issues to see which one works best to pander to fearful white suburbanites.

    You nailed it in a nutshell, skepticalbrotha. I just hope there aren’t enough stupid voters for this sad, pathetic campaign to gain traction, unfortunately that’s never exactly a safe bet.

  5. CaptFriday

    And today, not only did she release one of the nastiest ads I’ve ever seen, basically accusing patrick of wanting to turn the government over to “thugs” (direct quote) and rapists (this is based on Patrick’s advocacy on behalf of a man was was convicted after police “lost” the evidence and the all-white jury was not told that the victim who IDed him suffered from schizophrenia, and everyone on all sides of the political spectrum knew he didn’t get a fair trial), now there’s a piece in the local tabloid about Deval’s “rapist kin.” Turns out that Patrick’s sister was raped by her husband, and now their kids read about it in the newspaper.

    WTF? As far as I’m concerned, this goes even beyond Willie Horton. She’s not only trying to play on fears of black men and portraying them as criminals (no coincidence, both of the victims in these two cases were white while the accused were black), but I don’t know how to read it except as her implying that with “rapists in the family” (he’s related to the victim, not the rapist, not that it would be any more relevant regardless) hey, maybe it’s genetic, look at all these criminals, what do they have in common, maybe we need to watch out for him too. The tag line of the commercial, “Do we really want one as governor,” I think we all know what she’s getting at, honestly.

  6. CaptFriday

    Platypus, I see your point, but as a female I can’t work up a lot of outrage, not only because she is such scum but also because Kerry Healey was also part of Mitt Romney’s outrageously sexist campaign against his female opponent last time out. Not that that would excuse any type of attack on her based on sexism, or anything, but if she comes across my path right at this point I’m going to call her sweetie too. lol

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