Jake Ford, the tale of a puppet



Jake Ford

Like Pinocchio,  Jake Ford is not a real boy, he is a limp and lifeless marionette of his creator father, Harold Ford, Sr.  Jake’s recent Independent candidacy for his brother’s Memphis House seat, the one daddy bequeathed to Harold, Jr. is lifeless because it is nothing more than the deceptive creation of Harold, Sr.

You see, Mr. Harold is a lobbyist of high standing, having turned to the profession after two decades in Congress and a perilous brush with a fraud indictment.  In a short space of time,  Harold, Sr. has made untold millions while conspiring with his clients to loot TennCare, Tennessee’s formerly world class, top-shelf medicaid program.  

According to an article in the Commercial Appeal by Marc Perrusquia,  TennCare subcontractor MIM Corp paid Harold, Sr. $1.6 million between 1998 and 2001.  In addition, he received more than $ 1 million in lobbying fees from other firms and MIM corp to look after their interests in Nashville. 

Harold, Sr took both of his remaining sons into his lobbying firm and used them for his ends. He also stood idly by while Governor Bredesen, the heartless, former multi-millionaire HMO executive dismantled TennCare and removed 200,000 sick and indigent people from TennCare rolls in a fake budget crisis that never needed solving. 

Mr. Harold or surrogates, Harold, Jr. or Newton conspired to contribute more than $15,000 to state politicians with a say on gutting TennCare, a program that serves 40% of the African American population and 50% of our children.  In addition, two of the crooked black politicians who were caught up in the Tennessee Waltz bribery scandal received contributions from Ford.

The Governor received $ 12,500 from Harold,Sr., Harold, Jr., and Newton “Jake” Ford.  114 contributions totalling over $206,000 flowed to the Governor’s campaign coffers from Health Care affiliated interests, which in turn, were handed a big payoff in the form of TennCare’s destruction. 

 TN State Senator Kathryn Bowers, the black, redheaded, Aunt Jemima who sat on the TennCare oversight committee in the House of Representatives and was quoted in the Tennessean as saying  “Our TennCare program is in need of major surgery” received $1,000 from Harold, Sr.

TN State Senator John Ford, Harold, Sr’s. brother, also received a contribution of $1,000 from his brother. In addition, Senator Ford pocketed over $237,000 from a TennCare dental health care provider, in a separate side deal apart from Harold, Sr. and Jake’s hustle. 

This all brings me back to Jake Ford, the Pinocchio like puppet who ain’t never had a real job and who wishes to become a real boy-congressman so he can use his office to serve daddy’s nefarious interests instead of his constituents.  Because of the free-for-all primary in which too many black candidates split the black vote and his cousin Joe Ford didn’t receive his Uncle Harold’s backing, white State Senator Steve Cohen was able to win.  With over twenty years in office and a progressive record, he stands head and shoulders over the puppet Jake.

Steve Cohen

The campaign seems to revolve around rallying the black community in a deceptive campaign of racial solidarity, gay bashing against “gay marriage” and implying that the never married Cohen is also gay.  Stooping to demagoguery around “gay marriage” is usually the last refuge of a scoundrel these days.  The time for racial solidarity was when the Governor dismantled health care for hundreds of thousands of people, a disproportionate number of whom were black.  It couldn’t be done because the Fords were too busy looting the system. It is time for this dynastic greed machine to be challenged.

Mark Foley’s Pederast Island


Mark Foley’s Pederast Island

Sung to the tune of Gilligan’s Island


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,

a tale of a fateful trip.

That started from the potomac port,

aboard this tiny ship.

Maf54 was a mighty pederast man,

 and skipper Hastert was deaf and dumb.

Five passengers set sail that day,

for a right-wing detour, a right-wing detour………

the scandal started getting rough,

the tiny ship of state was tossed.

Due to the cowardice of the fearful crew,

the House could be lost, the House could be lost.

The ship took ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle,

with Maf54, skipper Hastert too,

the millionaire president, and his wife,

the movie star, the professor, and evil ass Ann,

here on Maf54’s Pederast Isle

So this is the tale of our castaways,
they’re here for a long, long time (God willing).
They’ll have to make the best of things in the minority,
it’s an uphill climb.
Maf54 and skipper Hastert too,
will do their very best,
to make the others comfortable,
in the pederast scandal nest.

No phones, no emails, no instant messages,
not a single luxury.
Like Robinson Crusoe,
it’s primitive as can be.

So join us here each week my friend,
you’re sure to get a smile.
From seven stranded Castaways,
Here on Maf54’s Pederast Isle.