Jake Ford, the tale of a puppet



Jake Ford

Like Pinocchio,  Jake Ford is not a real boy, he is a limp and lifeless marionette of his creator father, Harold Ford, Sr.  Jake’s recent Independent candidacy for his brother’s Memphis House seat, the one daddy bequeathed to Harold, Jr. is lifeless because it is nothing more than the deceptive creation of Harold, Sr.

You see, Mr. Harold is a lobbyist of high standing, having turned to the profession after two decades in Congress and a perilous brush with a fraud indictment.  In a short space of time,  Harold, Sr. has made untold millions while conspiring with his clients to loot TennCare, Tennessee’s formerly world class, top-shelf medicaid program.  

According to an article in the Commercial Appeal by Marc Perrusquia,  TennCare subcontractor MIM Corp paid Harold, Sr. $1.6 million between 1998 and 2001.  In addition, he received more than $ 1 million in lobbying fees from other firms and MIM corp to look after their interests in Nashville. 

Harold, Sr took both of his remaining sons into his lobbying firm and used them for his ends. He also stood idly by while Governor Bredesen, the heartless, former multi-millionaire HMO executive dismantled TennCare and removed 200,000 sick and indigent people from TennCare rolls in a fake budget crisis that never needed solving. 

Mr. Harold or surrogates, Harold, Jr. or Newton conspired to contribute more than $15,000 to state politicians with a say on gutting TennCare, a program that serves 40% of the African American population and 50% of our children.  In addition, two of the crooked black politicians who were caught up in the Tennessee Waltz bribery scandal received contributions from Ford.

The Governor received $ 12,500 from Harold,Sr., Harold, Jr., and Newton “Jake” Ford.  114 contributions totalling over $206,000 flowed to the Governor’s campaign coffers from Health Care affiliated interests, which in turn, were handed a big payoff in the form of TennCare’s destruction. 

 TN State Senator Kathryn Bowers, the black, redheaded, Aunt Jemima who sat on the TennCare oversight committee in the House of Representatives and was quoted in the Tennessean as saying  “Our TennCare program is in need of major surgery” received $1,000 from Harold, Sr.

TN State Senator John Ford, Harold, Sr’s. brother, also received a contribution of $1,000 from his brother. In addition, Senator Ford pocketed over $237,000 from a TennCare dental health care provider, in a separate side deal apart from Harold, Sr. and Jake’s hustle. 

This all brings me back to Jake Ford, the Pinocchio like puppet who ain’t never had a real job and who wishes to become a real boy-congressman so he can use his office to serve daddy’s nefarious interests instead of his constituents.  Because of the free-for-all primary in which too many black candidates split the black vote and his cousin Joe Ford didn’t receive his Uncle Harold’s backing, white State Senator Steve Cohen was able to win.  With over twenty years in office and a progressive record, he stands head and shoulders over the puppet Jake.

Steve Cohen

The campaign seems to revolve around rallying the black community in a deceptive campaign of racial solidarity, gay bashing against “gay marriage” and implying that the never married Cohen is also gay.  Stooping to demagoguery around “gay marriage” is usually the last refuge of a scoundrel these days.  The time for racial solidarity was when the Governor dismantled health care for hundreds of thousands of people, a disproportionate number of whom were black.  It couldn’t be done because the Fords were too busy looting the system. It is time for this dynastic greed machine to be challenged.

14 thoughts on “Jake Ford, the tale of a puppet

  1. fed up in the 9th.

    Well said. The Ford’s are hedging their bets. One Ford ran in the crowded Democratic primary, the other as an independent to insure there would be at least one Ford running in the 9th District. Cohen won the primary fair and square, and yet the Ford family is attempting an endrun around the party primary. The are telling the mostly African-American votes of the district to vote for Jake since Cohen is a white Jew.

    Yet the Ford camp is asking Tennessean’s to vote for Jr. and ignore the fact that he is black, yet asking black Memphian’s to vote for Jake and Jr. since they are black. Obviously, the Fords’ want it both ways. Jr. supported the Bankruptcy bill, a bill that was backed by the leach’s of the credit industry to the tune of 10 Billion dollars. How could the Ford Family claim to be for the poor of Memphis by siding with the leaches of the credit industry?

    At least Bob Corker made his own money.

  2. Fed up in the 9th,

    Thank you for commenting. The Ford’s are definitely seeking to have it both ways. It may well work. They are as a unit, far more concerned about themselves and their power, than they are about the broader community.

  3. T,

    The Fords are notoriously self interested. The only good customer service one is sure to receive from the Fords is upon one’s death,in one of their funeral homes, when it damn sure don’t matter to ya anymore. As for Aunt Jemima, her pressure would be under control if she were not under indictment for bribery and DUI.

  4. God. I didn’t know the Fords were this bad. Geez.

    I firmly believe Black folk need to vote for candidates who best address the issues of black community because there are a lot of so-called black politicians that are not operating in our best interest, yet they pretend they are. They are just trying to win and maintain their status and entitlements. I vote across party, racial, gender, and sexual orientation lines all of the time.

    In regards to Kathryn Bowers…..I don’t want to make light of her medical situation, but she wouldn’t be in the situation she’s in if she hadn’t been corrupt. For her grandchildren’s sake, I wish her the best.

    Check out Pubdef.net just to see what another poli blog is like. You, Oliver Willis, and Antonio have some very good poli blogs. Antonio, a brotha, is very informative like this too. While he covers mostly local politics in St. Louis and Missouri, he also covers some national politics. Your commentary is similar to his.

  5. M. H. Neru

    To be honest, it really doesnt matter which of the “candidates” in this race one “votes” for. They are both bought and paid for in one degree or another as well as the respective party they represent. The American electorial system as it is presently constructed is compromised and in some cases(McKinney ’06) outright rigged(Diebold). See http://www.fromthewilderness.com . The Democratic and Republican party have both been co-opted and in many ways have morphed into one party that answers to the same corporate/elitist(be it neo-con or neo-lib) agenda. Yes, Ford is beholden to his father’s corporate benefactors but Cohen is equally beholden to the Jewish Lobby and its Zionist agenda. Neither has the interests of the African-American community of the 9th district at heart. And neither, i must add, rise up to the standard of effective, honest, bold and couragous representation that is exhibited in the likes of a Cynthia McKinney. I say vote none of the above. But if you feel the need to vote for the lesser of two evils, go with Ford, for a vote for Cohen is a vote for Israel and the continuation of it’s unlawful geo-strategic interests.

  6. M.H.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your lucid and powerful comments. However, I disagree with you about your bottom-line conclusion. I do not think Jake Ford is Congressional material at this point. Ergo, I would be more supportive of Mr. Cohen. I do not support unnecessary wars of aggression and any attempt to justify any on Mr. Cohen’s or Mr. Ford’s part would meet with my disapproval. I am not an expert as you seem to be on middle eastern issues, but I can tell you that I didn’t support the unnecessary bombing of Lebanon this year.

  7. chevy

    Fords don’t need any fancy electronic voting machine to rig elections. As morticians in county govt, they have the best data source of who is dead and hasn’t been purged from the voter lists. If there is ever competition against a Ford or one of their cronys, Sr is bound to show up with boxes of votes to save the day. They’ve been doing that for over 30 years.

  8. Jake is on his own. He needs an occupation and direction and the fam has no problem with him seeking it in this way. They don’t have any illusions that he will win or have any effect on the outcome in either Cohen’s race or Jr’s. They’re hoping that at best he will increase Black voter turnout in Memphis.

    I’m disappointed that so many on the Left have turned the Cohen race into a Black vs White race, something they believe is the fault of the Fords. If they could only see the forrest they’d realize that Cohen’s had the blessing from the African American power structure in Memphis to run for the seat for some time.

  9. Mark,

    I was wondering when I would hear from you again. Welcome back.
    I am usually a hardliner on VRA districts meant give minorities and opportunity to be represented by a person of color. However, I believe that Cohen will be a fine representative and is well qualified. He has the support of both Mayors in Memphis and Shelby County and has shown himself to be generally progressive. I am just not sure whether or not he can win with Jake in the race?

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