Barack Ain’t Ready to be the Big Dog


Safe Negro Report #4

Jonathan Alter had a piece in Newsweek about the Safe Negro and I’ve been meaning to comment.  I haven’t seen white folks this excited over a Negro since the twelfth of never.  Their reactions to his every thought, word, and deed are almost orgasmic.  I sincerely believe some of these people, if allowed, would peer into his toilet every morning, and be gripped with unadulterated joy.  They would pronounce it extraordinary and try to box it up and market it as the only of its kind that didn’t stink.

But as we all must know, it does in fact stink. It is funky, just like the paeans of praise and worship we consistently hear as if he had alighted from Heaven from a perch on the right hand of God.  None of these accolades change the facts: he is still just a damn freshman Senator with no seniority and precious few national accomplishments.  He is overrated and overexposed. 

He is, however, the only one with who white folks are currently enamored and the only one that has a chance to get on a ticket. We gon’ hafta work wit what we got y’all.  Harold Ford, Jr’s delusions to the contrary, Obama is the one the melanin challenged have selected to break the barrier.  If the worshipers of the sun god switch their allegiance to Harold Whore, Jr. I’m gonna do like Randall Robinson did and Quit America. I’m dead ass serious.

Behind all of the accolades, hoopla, and speeches there needs to be a progressive policy focus.  By that, I don’t mean the B.S. found on the pages of the The New Republic(an) or the watered down wonkery or corporate flakery peddled by the DLC.  We as black people need to get serious about policy.  The belief that as long as our representatives ain’t up on the Hill splittin’ verbs, they’re all-right has got to go.  There is a such thing as an Ivy League educated coon. We need to be on guard.

On policy matters Obama is O.K., with some notable right-wing departures on Tort Reform, His stunning non objection to counting Ohio’s electoral votes, Confirming Condaskeeza, allowing the nomination of Priscilla Owen to the 5th Circuit,  his  vote to allow the human rights loopholes in the Oman Free Trade Agreement, and voting against John Kerry’s amendment to Redeploy U.S. troops.

Nobody threatens the return of the Clintons to the White House more than the Safe Negro.  The black community’s fanatical attachment to the Clintons can be challenged if his head swells enough to run.  Without us colored folk, Hillary can’t win the nomination.  It remains to be seen if he’ll actually take the plunge.  However, there is no turning back if he does. Anybody who thinks they can beat a political juggernaught fronted by Hillary and steered by Bill has got some gigantic cojones.  The smarter step is to pursue the inside track to the Vice Presidency. These various missteps indicate that the Obama policy imprint is still an unfinished canvass and that the brotha ain’t ready to be the Big Dog.

Three things will prove that he’s ready:

  1. An HIV/AIDS African Initiative that goes beyond the Bush Administration B.S. in this area.  Twenty Million Africans have died of HIV and this Administration insists they can solve the epidemic without cheap drugs or explicit sex education.  It’s policy amounts to genocide and Barack should say so.
  2. A coherent strategy to challenge Globalization.  Globalization is responsible for most of the poverty and instability in the world today.  It is a sanctioned greed that impoverishes most of the worlds people and makes it impossible for governments in the third world to provide for their people.
  3. An unequivocal opposition to unilateral wars of aggression. No more Iraq’s, Vietnam’s, Nicaragua’s, Chile’s, and Haiti’s. I don’t believe in overthrowing democratic governments for the purpose of corporate aggrandizement or political and military hegemony.

Barack Obama has much to prove, much to do, and little time to do it.  I’ve waited all my life for the emergence of a black president, I just hope that I’m not waiting and hoping in vain for a brotha that talks a good game but ain’t got any intention of following through.

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