Jesse Jr’s campaign for Chicago Mayor begins in earnest


The campaign for Chicago Mayor between the scions of the city’s two most prominent political dynasties has begun in earnest.  The message from Jesse, Jr is that after 17 years of Daley misrule, it is time for a change. 

Jesse’s message is non-racial on the surface but definitely implies a coded racial message of solidarity to African American voters when he mentions the bogus minority contract scandals embroiling the Daley Administration and a similar imbroglio at O’hare airport.  

Charging that taxpayers paid over $600 million for waste, fraud and abuse for contracting and hiring fraud because of Daley policies, Jackson strikes a rare conservative note that is both interesting and shrewd.  Forrest Claypool, in his run for Cook County Board President, struck this same theme of reform in his run this year.

Jesse Jr’s message to his PUSH audience is an effort to gain at least 12,000 signatures to get on the ballot and an ambitious effort to gain 150,000.  This signals to anyone listening the biggest mobilization of African American voters since Harold Washington’s historic 83 effort.  This will be an epic battle for power in a racially divided and economically stratified city.  I look forward to watching it.

One thought on “Jesse Jr’s campaign for Chicago Mayor begins in earnest

  1. Darryl

    I live in Chicago, in a neighborhood that experienced White Flight when my family moved in as a boy in the early 60’s, had a period of decline and is now rebounding – – so I’ve lived through Daley I, Bilandic (snow of ’79), Byrne, Harold, Orr, “Tom” Sawyer and Daley II – which also means I’ve lived through Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush – the smart one, Clinton and Bush – the dumb one. And not a dimes’ worth of change is happening.

    Politicians were crooks then and they are now.

    Jesse Junior looks like a ghost now-a-days. And he is getting his just dessert. He worked in the interests of a white candidate in a recent Aldermanic election against an African American woman (Haithcock) and supported an Urban Renewal/Negro Removal Candidate against Dorothy Tillman (who marched with Martin Luther King).

    His arrogance has run amok – everyone knows he is as guilty as heck. However you are correct, the lemmings in the 2nd District will continue to elect this egomaniac – he will have to be content to be like William Dawson was – Congressman for life.

    And yes, he could get his hands on that kind of money that Gov. Blago was asking for. The Service Employees International Union contributed over $1,000,000 to help his wife become Alderman of the ward they purportedly live in (yet their children are enrolled in the Washington DC schools and neighbors never see them come in or out of their supposed home). So getting that money to help Jr. get a Senate seat is certainly doable.

    As a bit of background, while Congressman Jr. was flitting around through life before Congress he was in a Sopranos like no-show job on the Union’s payroll (got salary and benefits), so that his real employer of record – Operation PUSH, would not have to pay.

    Finally, it is telling what Obama thought of Jr. taking his seat – – it has been just released today that Obama’s Chief of Staff – Rahm Emmanuel- gave a list to the Gov. chief of staff of the people Obama would like to replace him. Congress Jr. was not on the list. Even more telling, the Coconut Boy only had one Black on the list – his aide Valerie Jarrett.
    This confirms that Obama knew that Jr. was a snake – and that Jr. only was the National Co-Chair of the campaign for his own interests.,0,3359611.story

    I hope this is the iceberg that sinks the Jackson’s Titanic.

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