Forward Stop: Mark Warner pulls out of Prez race


Bowing to the reality that he cannot win the 2008 Presidential race against a Billary juggernaut, Mark Warner’s exploratory pac Forward Together made a forward stop and halted its efforts on his behalf.  The warm and fuzzy “I want to have a real life” is nothing more than the standard “I want to spend more time with my family” crap that we hear so often.  

The rest of the letter is some face saving drivel meant to preserve future viability. We shall see if his “having a real life” entails running against the tired and aging Senator John Warner in 08, or another turn at the ship of state in Richmond in 09.  I wonder how long it will be before Biden, Bayh, Clark, Dodd, Edwards, and Kerry similarly give up the ghost and realize it ain’t gonna happen.  The choice has been made y’all and you ain’t it.

Obama vs. Ford


“The dark side of the Force offers unimaginable power. 

The dark side is stronger than the light. 

The Weak deserve their fate.”-Tenets of Sith Philosophy

Darth Ford, Jr. is a Sith, seduced by the dark side of the Force. He will wait until the time is right to seize control of the empire. In the meantime, he will work towards the elimination of his rivals for the imperial throne. Barack Obama is in his way and Ford’s impending election to the patrician chamber is setting up an epic clash between a Safe Negro and a Dangerous Nigra, both vying to become the first black President. We will see if the adage “nice guy’s finish last” holds true. 

I just saw a debate between Harold Ford, Jr. and his hapless GOP opponent, Bob Corker.  It wasn’t even close.  Poor Bob, his name will be mud in GOP circles when he goes where no southern white man has gone before: defeated by a Negro.  His political career is about to come to an ignominious close. Good riddance.  Unfortunately for Tennessee and the rest of the Globe, Harold Whore, Jr’s quest for power will continue until he reaches the top.

Harold is a B.S. artist without peer, y’all.  He rhetorically bludgeoned Corker again and again.  He compared Corker’s position on Iraq to John Kerry’s “He was for it before he was against it”, throw away line.  He attacked Corker on Immigration for having hired four illegal aliens on his construction sites. 

He announced his opposition to Dubya’s “amnesty” bill on immigration.  He neutralized an attack on abortion by espousing “abstinence” programs that he knows damn well don’t work. He even had the audacity to position himself on fiscal and tax issues as a conservative having announced that he never supported a budget that wasn’t balanced and harangued the crowd’s young people on how much debt the GOP has put on them.  And then, most brilliantly, touted his run against San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi for Democratic leader because he was better able to work with moderates and republicans. 

The brotha is good, the best I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately for us, he is about as honest as an adulterer in bed with another woman telling his wife  “Baby, this ain’t what it looks like.”  The brotha has no peer in turning the GOP wedge issue game against them. The difference between the master, Bill Clinton and Harold Whore, Jr. is that Clinton is so effortlessly smooth in doing this, you don’t even catch what he’s done until its over.  Harold is far more obvious, but stupid A** Bob still couldn’t stop him.

The safe Negro, Barack Obama is essentially as honest as he possibly can be to maintain his political viability. You can pretty much believe whatever he says.  You can never believe what Harold Whore, Jr. says for the simple reason that he said it. 

In essence, Harold, Jr. is a nasty whore who enjoys watching the black community endure the double penetration of social and economic conservatism.  His craven willingness to position himself for a Tennessee Senate race led him to take positions and votes in the House Of Representatives that were inimical to both the Memphis and greater black community.  Ford is a dangerous sellout who is willing to do or say anything to achieve power.  He already sold out his grandmamma and his constituents. The rest of the black community will be next.

If Barack is smart, he’ll watch his back.