Forward Stop: Mark Warner pulls out of Prez race


Bowing to the reality that he cannot win the 2008 Presidential race against a Billary juggernaut, Mark Warner’s exploratory pac Forward Together made a forward stop and halted its efforts on his behalf.  The warm and fuzzy “I want to have a real life” is nothing more than the standard “I want to spend more time with my family” crap that we hear so often.  

The rest of the letter is some face saving drivel meant to preserve future viability. We shall see if his “having a real life” entails running against the tired and aging Senator John Warner in 08, or another turn at the ship of state in Richmond in 09.  I wonder how long it will be before Biden, Bayh, Clark, Dodd, Edwards, and Kerry similarly give up the ghost and realize it ain’t gonna happen.  The choice has been made y’all and you ain’t it.