Kerry Healey’s racist ad campaign


Not satisfied with casting aspersions on Deval Patrick’s character for defending a capitol defendant on appeal, she has attempted to assassinate his character for defending a Hispanic defendant in a rape case involving-you guessed it, a white woman.¬†¬† In case the voters of the Commonwealth were too stupid to pick up on it in the last ad , they will not be safe if that negro becomes governor.¬† Kerry sure is subtle.¬† She’s about as subtle as an AK-47.¬†

The racist subtext is crystal clear. The women of¬†Massachusetts are in danger of being ravished by colored men if a strong white woman isn’t elected Governor.¬† We cannot let weak minded Deval let rapists go free.¬† The fact that¬†Patrick paid for the post trial DNA test that proved his former client’s guilt, or the all white lynch mob impaneled as a jury are left unexplored.

Kerry Healey thinks the fear of black and brown crime is the wedge issue she can ride to the corner office on Beacon Hill.   Poor Kerry, there are not enough trembling, weak- minded, scared of their own shadow suburbanites to make her dreams come true.  On November 7th, all Kerry Healey will have are dashed hopes and a permanent scarlet R on her chest that means RACIST.

The case for Karen Carter


After the losses of Cynthia McKinney and Donna Edwards to shameless handkerchief head corporate whores, Hank Johnson and Al Wynn, its time for the ranks of progressive sisters in congress to be replenished by one.  Her name is Karen Carter, a lawyer and Louisiana State Representative.

Sister Carter is running against the number one handkerchief head corporate whore, “Dollar Bill” Jefferson¬†¬†D-New Orleans of the $90,000 in bribe money in the freezer fame.¬† The man who voted to lighten the load of the nation’s millionaires and billionaires by cutting their taxes while thousands of his constituents remain homeless, unemployed, without hope, and unable to come home to New Orleans.¬†

Mayor Ray Nagin, who left the poor to drown, endorsed Jefferson.¬† He said, “until he’s indicted, I think we ought to presume he’s innocent until proven guilty.”¬† The black fool who didn’t come to anybody’s aid during Katrina is now breaking his neck to come to the aid of a crook.¬† How convenient.¬†

Sister Carter is about business, not B.S.¬† While “Dollar Bill” was busy selling us out, Sister Carter was busy enacting school reform legislation to straighten out the intractable mess that is the Orleans Parish school district.¬† Sister Carter voted against banning a woman’s right to choose and against the nonsense of banning same-sex marriage.¬†

She even did something about the levee boards that were in charge of the disaster that Katrina wrought by merging them into one board so the left hand knows what the damn right hand is doing.¬† In short, the sister is on point.¬† Hopefully, this November, she’ll be large and in charge by becoming New Orleans next Congresswoman.