Kerry Healey’s racist ad campaign


Not satisfied with casting aspersions on Deval Patrick’s character for defending a capitol defendant on appeal, she has attempted to assassinate his character for defending a Hispanic defendant in a rape case involving-you guessed it, a white woman.   In case the voters of the Commonwealth were too stupid to pick up on it in the last ad , they will not be safe if that negro becomes governor.  Kerry sure is subtle.  She’s about as subtle as an AK-47. 

The racist subtext is crystal clear. The women of Massachusetts are in danger of being ravished by colored men if a strong white woman isn’t elected Governor.  We cannot let weak minded Deval let rapists go free.  The fact that Patrick paid for the post trial DNA test that proved his former client’s guilt, or the all white lynch mob impaneled as a jury are left unexplored.

Kerry Healey thinks the fear of black and brown crime is the wedge issue she can ride to the corner office on Beacon Hill.   Poor Kerry, there are not enough trembling, weak- minded, scared of their own shadow suburbanites to make her dreams come true.  On November 7th, all Kerry Healey will have are dashed hopes and a permanent scarlet R on her chest that means RACIST.

9 thoughts on “Kerry Healey’s racist ad campaign

  1. Vivian,

    Horrible indeed, it amazes me that Kerry Healey thinks she can pull a Scarlett O’hara routine in the twenty-first century. I’ll be glad when Deval knocks her tail off her pedestal of whitewomanhood.

  2. CaptFriday

    Yeah she’s subtle, isn’t she? Don’t forget the tagline of her first commercial, written across the screen, “Do we really want one as Governor?” One what, kerry, don’t be shy, spell it out for the slow kids in the class.

    But that wasn’t even the low point of the week. Our local tab ran a story about, no joke, “Deval’s rapist kin.” Hmmm, that story was shopped around to other papers for a week before someone bit. Now who would have access to the information like that, the state bureaucracy? Deval’s “rapist kin” turns out to be his brother-in-law, who was convicted of raping Deval’s own sister. After he got out of jail, they got back together, he turned his life around and now they counsel couples in crisis. And the point of this is what exactly, except to cross a line nobody should ever cross? Their kids had to read about this in the paper. She’s even gone beyond saying that the women of Mass are going to be raped by black men and jumped ahead to say hey, black men are coming to get you, Deval’s got rapists in the family, his genes aren’t looking too good either, can you even be sure HE’S not coming to get you? This campaign has reached a new low that even George Allen would be proud of.

  3. Capt,

    Actually, I think George Allen lacks the cojones to pull off this kind of bold assault on an opponents character. Kerry is quite desperate, and with tactics like these, her tail will remain behind by double digits. I would bet all I have in this world that come January, Deval Patrick will be the one with his hand on the bible being sworn in, not Scarlet O’ Healey.

  4. CaptFriday

    Scarlett O’ is right, you should see how her staff and some of her media supporters are now trying to turn it all around and act like she’s the poor, poor pitiful victim of the mean, mean man. Oh, how could Deval Patrick and his supporters think I could stoop so low as to attack his family–maybe because it is typical of your bottom dwelling fear mongering campaign strategy?

    From your lips to god’s ears. I have about 400 calls to make before Election Day, but I’m putting it off until tomorrow because I live in a small town full of cranks and if someone says that this garbage has negatively affected their vote I’m afraid I’m going to start yelling.

  5. CaptFriday

    Thanks skepticalbrotha. Everybody’s invited to the “our long statewide nightmare at least is over” party, you guys come up and Deval’s campaign manager will spring for the chips. The great part is that we’re not just ending 16 horrible years, we’re making a new start with the most inspiring candidate we’ve ever seen. For the first time, our guy is actually going to win and it’s actually going to mean something. Everybody else in the country deserves to get to experience what we’re feeling because it’s pretty great. 🙂

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