The case for Karen Carter


After the losses of Cynthia McKinney and Donna Edwards to shameless handkerchief head corporate whores, Hank Johnson and Al Wynn, its time for the ranks of progressive sisters in congress to be replenished by one.  Her name is Karen Carter, a lawyer and Louisiana State Representative.

Sister Carter is running against the number one handkerchief head corporate whore, “Dollar Bill” Jefferson  D-New Orleans of the $90,000 in bribe money in the freezer fame.  The man who voted to lighten the load of the nation’s millionaires and billionaires by cutting their taxes while thousands of his constituents remain homeless, unemployed, without hope, and unable to come home to New Orleans. 

Mayor Ray Nagin, who left the poor to drown, endorsed Jefferson.  He said, “until he’s indicted, I think we ought to presume he’s innocent until proven guilty.”  The black fool who didn’t come to anybody’s aid during Katrina is now breaking his neck to come to the aid of a crook.  How convenient. 

Sister Carter is about business, not B.S.  While “Dollar Bill” was busy selling us out, Sister Carter was busy enacting school reform legislation to straighten out the intractable mess that is the Orleans Parish school district.  Sister Carter voted against banning a woman’s right to choose and against the nonsense of banning same-sex marriage. 

She even did something about the levee boards that were in charge of the disaster that Katrina wrought by merging them into one board so the left hand knows what the damn right hand is doing.  In short, the sister is on point.  Hopefully, this November, she’ll be large and in charge by becoming New Orleans next Congresswoman.


13 thoughts on “The case for Karen Carter

  1. Yo Skep. she has my vote:)

    BTW, I co sign with what you said about “Dollar Bill”, and “Hank Johnson”.
    There must be good black leladership out there somewhere.
    We need to put out an SOS my brother 🙂


  2. StillWaiting

    Please check your facts before you continue to praise someone like Karen Carter. First, she disenfranchised the voters of the City of New Orleans, when she authored legislation that removed all contracting and hiring power from the local school board, which at the time was a majority minority board and gave it to “hired help” a.k.a. the Superintendent. Once the superintendent left and was replaced with an African American superintendent, legislators quickly moved to remove all Superintendent powers from the bill and restore them back to the board, which is now a majority, majority board. As a direct result of her bill, at least the parts that are still in tact, the state has taken over approximately 70 percent of the schools in Orleans Parish, left a debt in excess of 250 million dollars with the now defunct school board and school system and is currently operating poorly run schools in which our children are being subjected to deplorable building conditions, no textbooks, cold lunches, no extra-school activities, etc. Second, she is part of an old political organization–BOLD, which is divisive and very power hungry and has not served the interests of the public at large. Third, she has made a lucrative living off utility legal work through the city of New Orleans, while many of the citizens continue to struggle to pay their high cost utility bills, no word from her or effort from her to obtain lower cost utility bills for the citizens. Fourth, she is the chairperson of the insurance committee and has not authored one piece of legislation to assist homeowners with the rising cost of insurance premiums and deductibles. If she is the answer sent by God as one of your commentators stated, then I would hate to see what the opposite persona would send to us. Southeast Louisiana can afford to have Karen Carter no more than it can afford to have Bill Jefferson.

  3. Still Waiting,

    Karen Carter is as good as y’all gonna get. The utility bills and insurance problems are caused by the greed of the insurance and utility industries. She alone, without broad support cannot fix it. She is just one legislator out of many. Moreover, the graft inherent in the Louisiana political system predates her involvement. As long as the sister is not taking $500,000 in bribes as Jefferson has been, you should be glad that the sister is honest enough to serve the people of New Orleans. As for the school board, show me a school board in New Orleans for the last twenty years that has done right by those children. There isn’t one. There is no one answer. Leaving things as they were however, is damn sure not the answer.  When it came time to show leadership and show Ray Nagin the door, she stood up and endorsed a candidate that actually went out to save people from their rooftops that Ray left to drown.  I have every confidence that when she’s elected, she will push for federal monies to fully fund a disaster and evacuation plan that won’t leave people behind to die as the current black leadership did.

  4. TheTruth

    You don’t even live here, and as everyone else around the country you are making pre-judgments about a stiutation and a person that you know nothing about. Ignorance breeds ignorance. Come and spend a month here in New Orleans and get a full heads up on “Sista Carter.” You will find that on polls she does not get hardly any black votes. Ask yourself why. Because she is the white man’s candidate, just as Bill Jefferson was in the beginning, when he did not do anything for black people. If you are truly about black empowerment, then you better take a second look at this race and at all the candidates in the race. Karen Carter is NOT the answer, we as New Orleanians know that better than you, who simply sit behind your computer, cranking away ignorant rhetoric!

  5. TheTruth,

    Since you have taken the time to attack me and everything I’ve said, including the research I did into her voting record and the voting record of Derrick Shepard and the Congressman, who is the Answer?

    Is it Troy Carter, Barthelemew who was no money, Shepard, or Dollar Bill? Who is the damn savior?  The Democratic Party of Louisiana has endorsed Karen and so has the next Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.  She will have the support to get a great deal done.  The question is will she? If elected, the people of New Orleans will have to hold her accountable for what she does and doesn’t do.

  6. Informing You

    The problem with Ms. Carter is that she is being supported by too many people with money lines that run very deeply. Because of her backers, she will not be accountable to the citizens of New Orleans as a whole, only a few who have always controlled the backdrop of the political scene–I am specifically speaking of the business community. New Orleans’ state of affairs is in crisis following Katrina, the public housing, public healthcare and public education systems having all fallen by the waistside and Carter’s backers will do whatever it takes to make sure that they never arise to the level where it was once was in this city. This city was built on the backs of the poor and now there is a movement afoot to make sure the poor people do not have a voice. The “savior” is Jesus Christ, but the best candidate is not Karen Carter or Bill Jefferson; that is obvious. Maybe the answer does lie with Troy Carter or Regina Bartholomew, who you are right has no money, but Troy does not have a lot of money either. Maybe that means both of them will be beholden only to those who elect them and not to any other interest group.

    For the record, I am not attacking you, I am simply stating the truth. You don’t live here, therefore, you cannot possibly have an informed opinion about this race or any of the candidates. Simply looking at a person’s voting record does not reveal all sides of a person, especially in the world of politics. Be more informed brotha, before you make hasty judgment calls about the politics in New Orleans. New Orleanians know who is controlled by whom and Karen Carter is definitely a lap dog for many majority persons in the business community who have no interest or love for the African Americans of this city. Be in touch with the roots of this city instead of just the peripheral and maybe you will learn something.

  7. Informing you, Read my anniversary post on Katrina, I am fully aware and have put considerable thought and research into the Katrina debacle and don’t believe that your criticism has merit. Nevertheless, I welcome the spirit in which it is given. I thrive on criticism as well as praise. Your criticism comes from the heart and I can respect that. Lastly, I am troubled by your admonishment that somehow, because I don’t live in New Orleans, that I am incapable of knowing what the deal is. I know how to read and research, its what I do for a living. And, just so you know, I attended Southern University and have met Diana Bajoie, Cleo Fields, Wilson Fields, David Duke, and Governor Buddy Roemer. I was political even then, in fact, it was Cleo Fields’ Ebony profile and the fact that my Pastor is a Southern Alumnus, that convinced me to go. My family was enslaved in the Mississippi delta and there is kin somewhere in Louisiana. According to our family history, we graduated a doctor from Meharry Medical school in 1906 and he settled in a parish outside New Orleans. I don’t know where his direct kin ended up. You never know, we might be kin.

  8. One Last Time

    My final words to you–research who is controlling Karen Carter, who is pulling her strings, who is paying her way in this race, and you will find it is the same establishment that once stood behind Bill Jefferson–16 years ago. That establishment continues to recycle the same “type” of easily controlled politician. When the politician cannot be easily controlled anymore, then the establishment moves on to the next easily controlled person, in this case, it is Karen Carter. She will do nothing for the African American community, just as Bill did nothing for the African American community, because that is not what the puppeters wanted. IF she is elected watch and mark my words. You will see the truth eventually. Although I doubt that she will be elected, her latest positions on abortion and gay marriages are going to sink her in this conservative Catholic and Southern Baptist area.

  9. Alicia

    I just finished reading the above-referenced dialogue between you, and obviously a non-supporter of Karen Carter and just have one question. When you mentioned one of the candidates in the Congresional Race–Regina Bartholomew–you followed up with an indication that she has no money. Are you referencing this fact because that means, in your opinon, that only candidates with money should be considered as serious contenders? After having heard Ms. Bartholomew speak at a church and reviewing her website, in comparison with the others in this race, I am convinced that she is by far the best candidate for Southeast Louisiana. Her ideas are progressive and her platform is centered and focused on all the people of Southeast Louisiana, instead of just a few. I hope that others who are viewing this blog do not focus on the fact that Ms. Bartholomew did not raise a lot of money, but rather on the issues that she addresses. Please explain why you mentioned such a thing regarding her finances. Also, have you viewed her website and taken a look at her ideas? If not, please do so, you may be surprised…pleasantly. Thanks.

  10. Alicia,

    No, I haven’t reviewed Ms. Barthelemew’s website or her platform, I will do so at your request. However, The next Speaker of the House and the Louisiana Democratic Party have endorsed Karen Carter. She is the candidate with the money and the support in both the black and white communities that are vital to success. I am not blind to who is supporting her and their agendas. There will be time for a fuller discussion during the run-off, if there is one.

    Thank You for commenting, come back again.

  11. le'Vodge

    It baffles me that you are bias towards Ms. Bartholomew considering you haven’t done any such research what so ever about her. She just got her foot in the door no doubt but rest assure she will prevail in the future because she is just what that congressional district need!

    It baffles me more so that you’re endorsing Karen Carter here which in turn has the political backing of those who endorsed Williama Jefferson. How about you take a look at his track record and tell me that birds of a feather do not flock together sir.

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