Michael Steele’s endorsements: a killer and a thug


Scraping the bottom of the black credibility barrel, Michael Steele produced the endorsements of Don-I-will-rob-your-dumb-ass-blind-King, and his former sad sack, mentally unstable meal ticket, Mike-I-like-the-taste-of-human-flesh-Tyson .  Don King has the kind of credibility that all Republicans covet, having been convicted of manslaughter in the stomping death of a hapless gambler in the 50’s.  They parade this evil minstrel around as if black folks trust anybody who loves the ignorant dry drunk in the White House.

Are these endorsements supposed to make white folks feel comfortable and black folks assured of Steele’s street cred?  Are white people supposed to say with a straight face, “Yes, I support Michael Steele because a convicted killer and a convicted rapist-thug do?

What in the world are these people thinking? To make matters stranger, Mike Tyson was formerly married to Michael Steele’s sister.   That makes the negro some kin, don’t it? 

Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey is trying to make racist hay out of her black opponent’s work as a defense attorney defending a cop killer and rapist, as if doing his job makes him unfit to be Governor. Conversely, Black Republican Michael Steele is touting the support of a black killer and black rapist as if their support makes him more fit to be a U.S. Senator.  Strange Ain’t it.

Down in the polls, I find it more than odd that Steele thinks the endorsement of a malevolent clown and a psychotic thug will bring him closer to winning.

The Audacity of Hype: Don’t drink the Kool Aid, Barack



“I will give you the glory over these kingdoms and authority over them.” The Devil said, “because they are mine to give to anyone I please.”

-Luke 4:6 New Living Translation Bible

Safe Negro Report # 5

Don’t listen to the Devil, Barack and for God sake, don’t drink the Kool Aid of grabbing the brass ring of power until your ready to wear it.   Joe Klein thinks he has the power to give anyone the keys to the kingdom, don’t believe his megalomaniac B.S.  He is in love with the sound of his own voice and the perceived power of his pen.  Don’t fall for it.  It ain’t real and his luv ain’t genuine. 

You have the opportunity as the chosen one to be the first Vice President of Color, and subsequently, the first President of Color.   You’ll mess it up if you run now.  The Devil has a trap set, and its for you to run in 2008.  Face facts Barack, if you think your going to go Mano y Mano with Bill and Hillary Clinton and come out on top, you’re just as crazy as that black bastard on the Supreme Court. 

My best friend Tanya told me last night, “that Bitch can’t win.”  Yes, yes she can.  We have a standing bet for $100.00, dinner and a movie and I know my ass is gonna win. Name the last campaign Bill Clinton lost, ………exactly.   They are intent on wielding the enormous power of the Presidency again and Bill is going to do everything in his power to make it happen for Hillary.  Nothing says “I’m sorry, baby” more than giving your woman the power to launch a nuclear strike.

Do you feel me on that, bruh?  Play the smart inside game and get on the ticket, there are millions of people out here willing and able to make it possible for you or somebody else to break the barrier.  The Clintons don’t play well with others outside of their umbrella of influence.  Don’t be on the outside.  Otherwise, they gon’ look for another colored accoutrement.  I will commit suicide if you allow Harold Whore, Jr. to take your spot.

Don’t get played, brotha and don’t allow the hype of your book tour blind you to the political facts of life as I’ve laid them out.  Those folk in the chattering class “Ain’t none of your friend”, as the old folk say. In the meantime, find a way to be progressive because although we out here in the hinterlands recognize your promise, we also recognize the considerable hype that surrounds you.  It’s time to step up, bruh and live up to your marquee political name.