GOP wedge issue du jour: Illegal Immigration


Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov Kerry Healey has another racist wedge issue ad out bashing her African American opponent Deval Patrick for his stand on in-state tuition and drivers licences for Illegal Immigrants.  Scarlet O’Healey is intent on exhausting the right wing treasure trove of wedge issues before the campaign concludes.  This bigotfest against immigrants, mostly directed at undocumented mexicans, is a popular device this year for the trust fund racists in the republican party.

Being a Florida native, you’d think that Scarlet O’Healey would be used to Latino’s and their manifold contributions to our nation.  There are over 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States and they ain’t going nowhere.  When the campaign ends and the histrionics die down, all of them will still be here trying to make a living and raising their children. 

Anybody want to put down a bet that Kerry has Latino help in her expensive mansion estate in Beverly?  How bout’ the $2 million dollar vacation home in Vermont? Or their vacation home in Florida? No takers?  Damn. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids down in the polls by double digits

Also today, the California GOP announced that it is demanding the withdrawal of their Congressional candidate Tan D. Nguyen, also an immigrant, for conspiring with his campaign staff to send a deceptive filer “threatening Hispanic immigrant voters with arrest”.  He was running against Loretta Sanchez, a Democratic Congresswoman from Orange County, formerly a GOP bastion changed by an influx of immigration.  I knew God was still on the throne when she defeated Congressman Bob Dornan, a racist wingnut to the tenth power, in 1996.

12 thoughts on “GOP wedge issue du jour: Illegal Immigration

  1. Spenser

    Im from massachusetts and it is NOT a racist thing. I dont want illegal imimgrants from sweeden, scandanavia, england, france or belguim to have a drivers licence here either. The issue is these people who are here illegally can get state benefits with a drivers licence. Thats money out of MY tax money dollars paying for people who DONT PAY TAXES.

    Theres nothing racist about that, is there?

  2. Spencer,

    Yes, yes there is. Despite your protestations to the contrary, the illegal immigrants are not from sweden, scandanavia, england, france, or brussells. They are brown people from Latin America for the most part with some south east asians and middle easterners thrown in for spice. Nobody would be writing books like Tom Tancredo’s or Pat Buchanan’s if these people were Europeans and you know it. BTW, these so-called illegals contribute BILLIONS to the economy, in case you were wondering.

  3. CaptFriday

    Spenser, undocumented workers do pay taxes. They pay sales tax, they pay social security tax, they have taxes withheld just like everybody else. Part of the reason Social Security will be solvent for decades is because of all the contributions from them that they’ll never be able to claim. So that’s THEIR tax money paying for YOU when they pay as much in taxes as you do and get far fewer benefits out of it.

    As far as the driver’s license thing, you’ll be changing your tune when you’re involved in an accident with someone who has no insurance. No driver’s license, no insurance, it’s as simple as that. And, of course it’s a racial issue, if people perceived the majority of undocumented workers as being from England, nobody would make it a priority, it’s ridiculous. Call Republicans up and ask them what issue is most important to them, they froth at the mouth over this from North Dakota to Rhode Island and everywhere in between. Is this really the one issue that most affects their lives?

    Healey has another winner of an ad up, too, she’s cranking them out faster than people can react to them. I’m hearing there are 2-3 more LaGuere ads in the pipeline, each one worse than the last.

    sb, I’m sorry, I’ve made so many comments I feel like i’m hijacking your blog. I’m going away now, I have so much enthusiam for this race I can’t contain myself sometimes.

  4. Cornelius

    BILLIONS? Come on.

    All you have to do to avoid illegals is not eat meat or fruit or vegetables, not use computers or electronics, not go to the hospital or restaurants or hotels or any public building that looks clean, or Wal-Mart or supermarkets or any store or any really clean apartment or house.

    Is that that hard? Does that sound like billions of contributions?

  5. No illegal Immigrants

    Kerry Healey is correct in her thinking. It’ a very simple case of legal and illegal. We don’t have the resources to educate, house and give healthcare to the world. We do not gain anything from illegal immigration – we pay to send the childrent o school at a cost of between 7,000 and 8,000 US dollars per child. Our roads have not been improved. The US education system is behind the rest of the world globally. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants. My ancestors were immigrants but they were required to speak english, be in perfect health and have a legal job before arriving in this country. They did not falsify documents or commit fraud. Everything they did was honest and to the letter of the law. Perhaps we might pay more for our goods but at least our taxes would decline, the education system would improve and our children could afford housing in this country.

  6. No Illegal Immigrants,

    You are living in a fantasy world and are sanitizing the past. Kerry Healey, a woman I would have believed to be a right of center Politician, has proven herself to be a far-right wing loon with her ad campaign that scapegoats illegal immigrants for all of the Commonwealth’s problems. There is no excuse acceptable for these ads and the irresponsible subtext of racism therein.

  7. ccollins

    I live in Massachusetts. What do you people know about Massachusetts?
    Nothing! I DO NOT OWE A CENT TO THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! You can pay for them if you wish. Please feel free to cover their education and healthcare. SEND MONEY! All I see is talk—alot of crap from people who know nothing about the problems here. If you care sooooo much about illegal immigrants, please CONTRIBUTE and stop criticizing!

    BESIDES, the 911 Commission, which the Democrates DEMANDED, urged the states NOT to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.
    Do you think we are not paying attention? Dems are always the ones proposing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. Dems equal “Heads in the sand” party. There will be another 911. Sorry. Oops, I mean, warning.

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  9. james willliamson

    As an African American with a degree in sociology, I believe illegal immigration is a key issue to foreign relations, especially with Mexico. I believe that these are the top issues concerning illegal immigration:

    1. Securing our borders because of the ever present threat of terrorism and terrorism being imported via Mexico.
    2. The import of over 70% of cocain and marijuana comes through
    3. The import of over 100,000 illegal Mexican gang members
    4. The negative impact on an already high unemployment rate among African Americans that extends to Hispanic and Asian Americans.
    5. The undue tax burden that illegal immigration places on communities; social services and schools.
    6. The fueling and reinforcing of racial stereotypes against African Americans as opposed to Hispanic Americans; Hispanic are better workers, family oriented and have a greater work ethic than African Americans.
    This racial denigration is creating even greater ethnic tension in African American communities across the nation; California, Florida, Illlinois, Michigan, Ohio. Employers are the biggest culprits in reinforcing racial stereotpyes of American Americans for cheap illegal labor.

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