Harold Ford endorses Lieberman


The feminist Kate Millet once described prostitution not necessitated by poverty as a “psychological addiction.”  In that same vein, I believe that political prostitution, when motivated by ambition, might also be defined as a species of psychological addiction, built on expediency through repetitions of the act of sale by which a whore is defined.

In yet another shameless attempt to pander to Tennessee’s “moderate” white electorate, Congressman Harold Whore, Jr. endorsed Senator Joe Lieberwhore’s Independent candidacy for the U.S. Senate over that of Democratic nominee Ned Lamont.  The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee officially supports the Democratic nominee in every state, including Ford and Ned Lamont. 

Harold’s shameless arrogance and expediency in supporting a GOP backed, right-wing enabler is the purest expression of contempt that he could show the African American community and the Democratic Party in Tennessee. The GOP is in collusion with the Lieberwhore to give their corporate congressional flacks a popular anchor from the gale force winds of electoral discontent.

To put it simply, the Republican agenda is not a black agenda and any black politician who gives aid and comfort to a corporate shill that supports that agenda is a traitor to the black community and to his party. I had high hopes for this brotha years ago.  He has turned out to be nothing more than an Ivy League educated coon willing to sell out the community that made sacrifices so that he could realize his republicrat aspirations.