Kerry Healey just can’t let the rapist wedge issue go


Healey AD : Here’s a question: if a teacher at your kids school, or a friend, or a co-worker, or anyone you knew actually praised a convicted rapist, what would you think? Deval Patrick did. Here’s what he said about brutal rapist Ben Le Guer: “He is eloquent, he is thoughtful there’s no doubt about that.” Here’s another question: Have you ever heard a woman complement a rapist? Deval Patrick, he should be ashamed, not governor.

That’s quite an ad.  Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov Kerry Healey essentially smears democrat Deval Patrick as being soft on crime and soft on rapists.  Here’s a question for Scarlet O’ Healey: Where the hell was your concern for victims of rape and the civilian enablers that turned a blind eye when women and children were raped by American service men and contractors at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison? Why did you endorse George W. Bush for re-election at the 2004 Republican National Convention? Of the 600 personnel implicated in prisoner abuse, only 74 military personnel have had court martial charges brought against them.  

Did you watch the videotapes of the rapes and other sexual abuse Scarlet? Did you read the Taguba report? Did you stand up on principle and demand accountabilty from the Cheney/Bush Administration? No. Instead, you co-chaired the Massachusetts campaign for George W. Bush’s  re-election despite his egregious incompetence and gratuitous ignorance, and yet you deign to cast aspersions on, and assassinate the character of Deval Patrick.  Wingnuts like Scarlet O’Healey affirm the words of Benjamin Disraeli: A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy. 

I guess the victimization of white women by men of color is the only thing sufficient enough to get your dander up and arouse the slumbering giant of white fear of black and brown crime.