Kerry Healey just can’t let the rapist wedge issue go


Healey AD : Here’s a question: if a teacher at your kids school, or a friend, or a co-worker, or anyone you knew actually praised a convicted rapist, what would you think? Deval Patrick did. Here’s what he said about brutal rapist Ben Le Guer: “He is eloquent, he is thoughtful there’s no doubt about that.” Here’s another question: Have you ever heard a woman complement a rapist? Deval Patrick, he should be ashamed, not governor.

That’s quite an ad.  Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov Kerry Healey essentially smears democrat Deval Patrick as being soft on crime and soft on rapists.  Here’s a question for Scarlet O’ Healey: Where the hell was your concern for victims of rape and the civilian enablers that turned a blind eye when women and children were raped by American service men and contractors at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison? Why did you endorse George W. Bush for re-election at the 2004 Republican National Convention? Of the 600 personnel implicated in prisoner abuse, only 74 military personnel have had court martial charges brought against them.  

Did you watch the videotapes of the rapes and other sexual abuse Scarlet? Did you read the Taguba report? Did you stand up on principle and demand accountabilty from the Cheney/Bush Administration? No. Instead, you co-chaired the Massachusetts campaign for George W. Bush’s  re-election despite his egregious incompetence and gratuitous ignorance, and yet you deign to cast aspersions on, and assassinate the character of Deval Patrick.  Wingnuts like Scarlet O’Healey affirm the words of Benjamin Disraeli: A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy. 

I guess the victimization of white women by men of color is the only thing sufficient enough to get your dander up and arouse the slumbering giant of white fear of black and brown crime.


6 thoughts on “Kerry Healey just can’t let the rapist wedge issue go

  1. You’re absolutely right on. Klandidate Healey’s Klanpaign is out of control, and I’m feeling as if tranported back to Southie 30 yrs ago.

    To top things off, a paid actress for Klandidate Healey’s Klanpaign now claiming to have been roughed up by Deval Patrick supporters could not help emphasizing how she had “long blonde hair”.

    Klandidate Healey’s television advertisements, and whole entire Klanpaign, are transparently capitalizing on, and exploiting, the myth of the black rapist. The truth, of course, is that women more often than not know their attackers. Department of Justice statistics in 1994 had indicated that 28% of victims are raped by husbands or boyfriends, 35% by acquaintances, and 5% by other relatives.

    Yet Klandidate Healey hopes to reinforce in white women irrational fears of stranger rape by men of color – but the National Crime Victimization Survey noted that 92% of victims from 1992 to 1993 knew their assailant’s identity. Klandidate Healey’s exploiting racist attitudes in these ads – and she knows it.

    Where’s her Klan robe?

  2. CaptFriday

    My god, did you see when she sent a mob dressed in in prison jumpsuits to Patrick’s house and John Walsh’s (his campaign manager) house and they scared the hell out of their kids? I She is truly out of control and I would not be a bit surprised if there was a cross burned on Deval’s lawn before this is over. These people are maniacs. And she’s trying to portray HIM as a “thug”?

    She is so scary that Satan himself would run away screaming, this appeals to who, soccer moms who like to see little kids being terrorized by political candidates outside their homes?

    This is all so over the top that I can’t see anyone who was not already part of her small group of supporters not being alienated by it. The thing about Patrick is that he creates a lot of enthusiam with people who are disgusted by politics and have checked out of the process. I think she was trying to create an ugly, negative atmosphere to bring back those people’s disgust and convince them that it’s all just dirty and there’s no point in hoping or getting involved. But she took it so far beyond anything and keeps pushing, pushing, pushing that people are getting fired up instead of alienated. The high point of the week was when an angry group of cane wielding seniors had to be prevented from rushing the stage when she started in with the attacks.

  3. CaptFriday

    Okay, and if those guys who went to Patrick’s and Walsh’s homes are not skinheads, they sure do look like them. No doubt that is completely coincidental though. And she won’t disavow them, which brings up the question of whether her campaign paid to have their signs “Inmates for Deval” printed.

  4. Owen,

    Thanks for the funny and pithy comments. klandidate and Klanpaign are just priceless:) I might need to steal that from ya. Again, thanks and good luck with you campaign this fall. We need more good people like you in the process.

  5. Capt,

    Hey there. I would be Interested where you heard about these incidents at the Deval’s home. I am absolutely horrified by this stuff. Thanks again, you posts are always thoughtful and informative.

  6. CaptFriday

    It was on the news. They don’t have pictures of what happened at the homes, but there are witnesses (my father said that Patrick just drove right by these idiots outside his house like they weren’t even there, I think that was in the paper). Walsh’s kid was home waiting for the bus in the morning after his parents left for work and he had to call them to tell them what was going on and they called the cops, so the idiots hightailed it out of there before they could get arrested, but there’s footage of the same group showing up outside the last debate.
    has a picture, tell me that guy’s not a skinhead. Healey basically admitted this group is part of her campaign, saying that they can’t control everything, ohhh, maybe it went overboard. Aggghhh!

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