Governor Deval Patrick D-Massachusetts


After 16 years of divisive wedge politics and trickle down economics, the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are clearly yearning for something and someone different. They want hope, and the promise for a better future for their families.  They are tired of seeing the world through the rose colored glasses of race and are willing to give an outsider a try at steering the ship of state.  It’s about time because Massachusetts is a mess.  Its high cost of living and deteriorating schools and infrastructure need an overhaul.  As Deval Patrick stands on the precipice of what seemed to many an impossible dream, listen for yourself to hear what has the electorate of Massachusetts so captivated.

3 thoughts on “Governor Deval Patrick D-Massachusetts

  1. Joseph Blasemokov

    It’s true, MA is a mess. The Democrats have been running this State for over 40 years as the governor has only veto power.The Senate and House have more than enough votes to overcome any veto. Now it appears that they will have free reign.

  2. Ken

    Black, white, off-white or yellow. Just don’t raise my taxes !!!!!! I work 60 to 70 hours a week to get by. Give average Joe a break, will ya !!!! Tax the rich my ass, what’s rich anyway ??? In this state, I hope it’s alot !!!! Cause it ante me 😦

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