Harold Ford, Jr., The Omen, and the Antichrist


“There are a lot of smooth-talking charlatans loose in the world who refuse to believe that Jesus Christ was truly human, a flesh and blood human being. Give them their true title: Deceiver! Antichrist!”

-2John 1:7 Message Bible

Behind Harold Ford, Jr’s boyish good looks and megawatt smile is something sinister and dark, something evil.  I have vilified him in the most caustic of terms and this post shall be no different.  I have called him a corporate whore, a whore, a sellout, and a dangerous nigra.  He is all of those things and more.  His ambition is the thing that he exalts above everything else and it is on the alter of his ambition that we in the black community will ultimately be sacrificed. 

In the mind of a child, evil is almost omnipresent, lurking in the shadows until darkness falls.  I generally had a great childhood. Mama’s only child, I enjoyed snuggling up close on the sofa to watch TV on Saturday night.  My favorites were Saturday Night Live, (I did get the jokes) and the horror movies that came on late at night that Mama had no business letting me see.  Of all of the movies of the seventies, none scared me more than the Amityville Horror, The Exorcist, and The Omen.

The Omen was particularly chilling because it blended fundamentalist endtimes theology with an exquisitely written hollywood script and it became a masterpiece of the horror genre.  During this time, I was particulary influenced in my theological perspective by my great Aunt, a Seventh Day Adventist, which is a conservative, fundamentalist christian form of protestantism.  They believed in the endtimes theology and they produced a series of biblical children’s books which I read that emphasized the rapture.

I remember in particular being told that the rapture of all believers into heaven would be announced by a shout and a great trumpet sound.  You don’t tell a child that who lives right next to a railroad track unless you want him to be terrorized every time a train comes through.  I was absolutely terrified of being left behind with the unbelievers.   The Omen series taps into this theological perspective brilliantly by spinning a fictional tale of the child of satan being given to a prominent family who will use their wealth and power after they are eliminated to eventually vie for the Presidency and extend his malevolent dominion over all the earth as the Antichrist.

What scares me now, as an adult on the cusp of middle age, is the possiblity of a Harold Ford, Jr. Presidency.  He is the personification of the fictionalized Antichrist, whose burning ambition to do the bidding of Satan was a menace to everyone on earth.  Not to belabor the Antichrist thing too much, I do think Ford is particularly repellant and dangerous because he has sold his soul to the Democratic Leadership Council, an evil entity bent on corporate supremacy if there ever was one.

As a member of Congress, Ford has repeatedly voted to repeal the Estate Tax. The Estate Tax effects the wealthiest of the wealthy, a minuscule number of estates that are fewer than 1% of estates left by those who die annually.  In fact, the whole idea of repealing the Estate Tax is a scam by 18 of the wealthiest families in the U.S. with a combined net worth of more than $185.5 billion who wish to pass on their wealth to their heirs tax free.  

Moreover, he has voted to gut a woman’s right to choose by repeatedly voting to ban “partial birth abortion” a fake name for a rare procedure only necessary to save the life of the mother but written to inhibit a woman’s right to choose in other circumstances.  He has also voted to let small business whose products harm or kill people, off the hook by limiting their liability to victims to $250,000, no matter how much harm they suffered.

Lastly, Ford purposely missed a vote on closing the School of the America’s, an institution which trains foreign military officers in aggressive  paramilitary tactics which often lead to extra-judicial beatings, torture, and murder.  The school was responsible for training the Guatemalan military officers that murdered over 200,000 people in a 36 year civil war. Not standing up and casting a vote against that kind of evil speaks volumes about Ford’s lack of character and his unfitness for high office.

Even though I believe that the next President will be a DLC acolyte, that doesn’t mean that she should choose, as her number two, a man who is a soulless predator that has no intention of disturbing the corporate power struture’s lucrative arrangements.

At the end of the Omen, the Antichrist is vanquished, stabbed from behind by his love interest.  As people who love the world’s people, especially our own downtrodden black people, we have a moral obligation to kill off the rise of this smooth-talking charlatan and pretender to our nation’s throne by telling the truth so that we can ensure that he never get’s that close.