Black Elected Officials endorse Michael Steele


Michael S. Steele

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In a stunning reversal timed for maximum impact, Republican Senate Candidate Michael Steele, in a trick fit for Halloween, announced the endorsements of all Five sitting Black Democratic County Councilmembers in affluent Prince Georges County.  To add insult to injury, he also announced the endorsement of former Prince Georges County Executive Wayne Curry, the first African American County Executive in Maryland.

This has clearly been in the making for some time and is indicative of some kind of Karl Rove plot or CIA mind control.  That is the only thing that makes sense. That, or either there is something in the water in Prince Georges County that makes reasonable black people go weak in the knees and fall head over heels for Dubya’s Pet Negro.

Do these turncoat Nigra’s really believe, as Wayne Curry said, ” The person to elect, who is most responsive to the things that will make our future brighter is Michael Steele…he is a good man with a good plan.” 

Plan. What Plan? Does it come from the same party that “Planned” Iraq and Katrina.  Does this coalition of the confused coloreds really believe that electing a Bush rubber stamp is a solution to Kweisi Mfume not winning the Democratic primary as he should have?  

They were so concerned about Mfume that not a single soul gave him a contribution large enough to report on his campaign disclosure report.  None of these confused coloreds got their hands dirty to help Mfume.  None did any heavy lifting; By what right are they using the nothin’ they did for Kweisi to justify betraying the entire black community by endorsing one of Dubya’s dupes?

If Dubya’s Pet Negro had these endorsements in the pipeline, why treat Black America to the spectacle of being endorsed by a Killer and a Thug and crackheads before that?

Kinda makes me wanna holler.  What about Y’all?


3 thoughts on “Black Elected Officials endorse Michael Steele

  1. Waiting for your post on Kerry’s comments. I’d Love to get your take, though I know you focus on Amfrican American politics. I posted something about it, and referred people here for a proper analysis.

  2. vcthree

    “Does this coalition of the confused coloreds really believe that electing a Bush rubber stamp is a solution to Kweisi Mfume not winning the Democratic primary as he should have? “

    Apparently they think so.

    And you made an excellent point–not one of these clowns put one red cent into the Mfume campaign so that he could get better exposure through radio and television. They didn’t send aides to help him out. So now, here they are bitching that “we won’t be ignored again”, and outright accepting a bill of goods sold to them by a Bush/Rove endorsed lackey…who just happens to be black. Yet, with all the crying about schools and such, what these fools refuse to bring up is that they were in positions of power within PG Co., and could have taken actions to improve the state of education within the county. They didn’t. So that’s on them, not the National Democratic Party leadership.

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