George Allen doesn’t care about black people.


If Kanye West lived in Virginia, I am sure he would have the same assessment of George Allen that he did of George Bush.   The above clip shows what happens when you attempt to get a straight answer from George Allen about his racism and his previous marriage.

Mike Stark, of Calling All Wingnuts blog, has been quite courageous in asserting his right to ask the Senator uncomfortable questions regarding his unconscionable racism and other matters deemed of interest to the electorate.  You get tackled and body slammed by Allen goons if they don’t like your questions.  That this occurs in the home of the father of our country, the author of our declaration of independance, and the primary father of our constitution, is a travesty.

I would encourage all of Virginia’s African American voters not held captive on George Allen’s plantation, to confront him in the same way and respectfully, politely, and resolutely ask him: Why have you repeatedly used the racist epithet, Nigger, in private?  Why have you repeatedly lied to the world about your racial animus?  Why do you expect us to believe your denials in the face of former associates coming forward to reveal your racism? Are we really supposed to believe all of these white folks are lying?

It shouldn’t matter how many Handkerchief head Minstrels he gets to endorse him, he needs to answer the damn questions truthfully in the campaign’s final days.  We all know that Allen, the ignorant confederate, and insincere bigot, doesn’t care about black people.   His non-answer should confirm it to all those who continue to have their heads in the sand, or stuck up their arses.

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  1. I live in Virginia. A friend of mine is a big-time local restaurateur in this area, and has catered several galas for both parties. He says he’s heard Allen drop the N-bomb and make racist jokes to his cronies with his own ears. You can’t hide that kind of shit. The problem is, plenty of people, who will pay lip service to the notion that they find it offensive, really don’t, and are actually quite comfortable with the way the man talks.

  2. On a separate note – this is what I hate about our local news operations. Instead of following the man who got his ass kicked by goons and asking him a few questions – THE MUCH MORE INTERESTING STORY – this dipshit went inside to get a little more footage of Senator Doofus gripping & grinning.

  3. Extrapolater,

    What you’ve said is extremely fascinating. I never contemplated the idea that George’s racism was well known and accepted in the circles he travels in. Thanks for the info. Can you speculate why there has been a real head-in-the-sand mentality among the Virginia press about Allen’s racism, a subject they’ve known about for years?

  4. Hmm… I can only assume that somehow it’s in their best interests to kowtow to the politicians somehow. It reminds me of the way that the White House press corps has been brought somewhat to heel by the threat of “denied access”. I suppose that’s probably what it comes down to.

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