Ann Coulter: Fascist Strumpet


Ann Coulter, Nazi  Obviously, someone put much insightful creative effort into coming up with this description

Do you remember that time when your Mama came home disgruntled and “tore out the frame,” grumblin’ under her breath about some “white bitch” she works with that tap danced on her last nerve like a manic celebrity on “Dancing with the Stars?”

Of course you do, because she was talking about Ann Coulter’s doppelganger.  Your Mama’s nemesis is just like Ann, an obnoxious hypocrite with a sense of white entitlement and an ego larger than the circumference of the earth. She’s a privileged WASP who thinks that she’s the smartest person in the room and that your mother is better suited to be her maid, rather than her colleague.  She’s a woman whose every offensive utterance makes people scatter like projectile vomit. If your Mama ever penned a dictionary of Black Vernacular, she would put Ann Coulter’s picture beside the uncharitable definition of “White Bitch.”

Well, Chillun, it seems the High Priestess of Hate, done caught a case in her new home state of Florida.  Election officials in the sunshine state are going to prosecute a bitch for felony vote fraud. I guess the “constitutional lawyer” cut class that day in law school.  Perhaps when her case gets to court, she can begin by launching into an arrogant tirade announcing her desire to be found innocent or she’ll put rat poison in the Judge’s creme brulee

Then she can megalomaniacally assert that she was an integral part in bringing Bill Clinton to justice and in whose “nightmare of a presidency…there would be debates about whether to impeach or assassinate.”  Skillfully leaving the threat of assassination in the air, she can then demand the Judge dismiss the case, he will indignantly refuse, pronounce her narrow ass guilty of vote fraud and for being a fascist strumpet, and sentence her to five years of torture in Abu Ghraib prison.

After her release from prison, she can publish a memoir about her experiences and call it: GUTLESS.

6 thoughts on “Ann Coulter: Fascist Strumpet

  1. Do-It-Yourself Impeachment, no joke.
    The Citizens’ movement.

    The day the nation demands impeachment is almost upon us. On Jan 3rd, sacks and sacks of mail will be sent to congress demanding impeachment via the House of Representative’s own rules. This legal document is as binding as if a State or if the House itself passed the impeachment resolution (H.R. 635).

    There’s a little known and rarely used clause of the “Jefferson Manual” in the rules for the House of Representatives which sets forth the various ways in which a president can be impeached. Only the House Judiciary Committee puts together the Articles of Impeachment, but before that happens, someone has to initiate the process.

    That’s where we come in. In addition to the State-by-State method, one of the ways to get impeachment going is for individual citizens like you and me to submit a memorial., part of the movement to impeach the president, has created a new memorial based on one which was successful in impeaching a federal official in the past. You can find it on their website as a PDF.


    You can initiate the impeachment process yourself by downloading the memorial, filling in the relevant information in the blanks (your name, state, etc.), and sending it in. Be a part of history.

  2. eric

    Great little essay/blog. I find it funny when you write blogs such as this aimed at your black audience. The reality is your brethren do not read much (insert Chris Rock joke reference here). If they did read more perhaps our inner city drop out rate would be less than 50%, our prisons wouldn’t crowded with ignorant black males, and maybe just maybe the out-of-wedlock birth rate for blacks wouldn’t be 70%. Please verify my statistics anytime. I think your criticisms and efforts are pointed at the wrong target.

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