Doin’ your part



Are y’all doin’ your part this year to strike a blow for democracy and against the imperial incompetents that have made a fine art of feasting on the carcass of our democracy?  Have you found a candidate to support with your money and shoe leather?  It ain’t too late.  We have One day left y’all.  It ain’t enough to just vote.  We must do more.  I’ve been in the trenches this year with two candidates and wish I could do more.   Politics is my thang and has been since I was twelve.   Somethin’ is very, very wrong with me.   I can’t help it y’all.

Given the dedication you’ve shown to this blog, I would bet a date with your favorite celeb that somethin’ is jacked up in your DNA as well. Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday and show your luv to progressive candidates that share your values and have respect for all of our nations’s  people.

God Bless,

Skeptical Brotha.

I may have more to say before Election Day.  I’m playing it by ear today.