Skeptical Brotha’s predictions are coming, stay tuned


Before I lay my head down on my pillow tonight, I shall make detailed predictions on the 8 most contested Senate races and the top 30 House races.  The Lieberwhore will win re-election and I believe that Harold Ford, Jr. despite a few negative polls, will be victorious tomorrow.   The pundit talk of a rebound by the GOP is a lie from the pit of Hell designed to discourage Democratic turnout.  Don’t believe the Hype.  Speaking of Hype, Barack Obama campaigned in Tennessee yesterday for Harold Whore, Jr. If I find the video for it, I’ll hook y’all up.

In the meantime, enjoy the above Harold commercial and see for yourself why this brotha won’t lose, no matter how many charges of miscegenation they throw at him.  He has deprived them of every issue, its all they got.

8 thoughts on “Skeptical Brotha’s predictions are coming, stay tuned

  1. p morris

    this guy’s going to win. don’t know all that much about him, i’m not from his state, but this guy seems to have all the goods – straight talker, smart, the chicks probably dig him…what else would you need?!

  2. p morris,

    I am afraid that you did “miss something”, check my other posts regarding Harold, so you can understand the extent of my skepticism. I respect his political skills and would be forced to vote for him, however, I DON’T RESPECT THE NIGRA.

  3. I cast my vote this morning, Skep. When I came out, the elderly gentleman at the Democrat table told me my vote made the difference. So there you have it – old guy says Webb’s the winner, and I tipped the scale.

  4. Nacquia Johnson

    Skep, you say some awful things about Harold Ford. He is single, and he can date anyone he chooses.he is not a hypocrit like most republicans have been. I voted for him and hundreds of thousand others did also. He did not win this one, but throughut the duration of the senate race and thereafter, he never denied the good Lord. For this reason, there is something bigger,better, and more powerful and influential in the mix for him. Sit back and watch him gather his just fruits, Bro.

  5. Johnson

    Did he invent it? he’s just playing the game. When “we” do it, were a whore, huh? Still, Contradictory and hypocritical.

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