Democrats retake both houses of Congress, Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
praise him, all creatures here below;
praise him above, ye heavenly host;
praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Let’s check our predictions, shall we?


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According to MSNBC, Sheldon Whitehouse defeated GOP Senator Linc Chafee 53%-47%.  Skeptical Brotha called this race 54%-46% for Whitehouse.  Skeptical Brotha’s Prediction: Correct.


According to MSNBC, Bob Corker screwed the Whore, 51%-48% .  I predicted a Whore win 50.5%-49.5%. Skeptical Brotha’s wildly optimistic prediction: WRONG.


According to MSNBC, Auditor McCaskill defeated Richard Nixon clone, Senator Jim Talent, 49%-47%, a two-point spread.  I predicted a McCaskill win by two points, 51%-49%. Skeptical Brotha’s Prediction: Correct.


According to MSNBC, Appointed Senator Bob Menendez, was elected to the U.S. Senate from New Jersey over Tom Kean, Jr. 53%-45%. I predicted a 53%-47% win for Menendez.  Tom Kean, Jr. didn’t hold up his end of the deal.  Damn him.   Skeptical Brotha’s prediction: Correct.


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According to MSNBC, Auditor Casey beat Rick Santorum’s ass somethin’ awful, 59%-41.  Praise the Lord, everybody. I didn’t know how high this was going to go;predicting he would get nothing under 55%.  I truly revel in this one because Santorum was such a sanctimonious and contemptable wingnut.  Skeptical Brotha’s prediction:  Correct.


Again, according to MSNBC, Congressman Sherrod Brown defeated GOP Senator Mike DeWine, 56%-44%.   My prediction was dead on.  Skeptical Brotha’s prediction: Correct.


In what has to be the sweetest victory of all, the would be President-in-waiting, got his damn ass handed to him by a man who endorsed him six years ago.  He warned him a few years back that Iraq was a mistake.  He didn’t listen.  Then he proceeded to show his pure ass, as revelations of his poorly concealed racism were revealed for all to see.  Even though the Ignorant Confederate has refused to conceed this race until the Board of Elections certifies it, the party is ovah.  According to him, he was bored with the job anyway.  I predicted a comfortable 52%-48% win.  I underestimated the comfort level some Virginians had with bigtory.  I won’t make the same mistake twice.  The important thing is that the Ignorant Confederate lost his seat. The razor thin margin will hold. Skeptical Brotha’s prediction: Correct.


MSNBC just called this race for Jon Tester, the Montana state senator over GOP U.S. Senator Conrad Burns. Burns has refused to conceed the race.  It does not matter because his time is up.  Tester won a squeeker 49%-48%.  I predicted a more comfortable win with 52%-48%.  However, the state is extremely Red and Bush is still somewhat popular there. Skeptical Brotha’s prediction: Correct.


One of the most interesting of the year, this race ended where it started: For Joe Lieberman.  Now that the Senate majority depends on Lieberman’s vote, I shall refrain from calling him out as the Lieberwhore.  MSNBC reports a 10 point spread ,which I also predicted.  Skeptical Brotha’s prediction : Correct.


MSNBC is reporting that Congressman Ben Cardin was elected to the Senate over Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, 55%44% which is right in line with my prediction of 55%-45%. As I postulated earlier, the general public was not impressed with Steele’s ex-con and crackhead parade of black endorsements.  His content free campaign was deceptive and the electorate peeped it in time to avert disaster.  Good Riddance. 


The House of Representatives is what had me shouting, dancing, and speaking in tongues for the majority of the evening.  Praise the Lord, Everybody.  Hallelujah!!!!  Thank you, Jesus!!! I predicted a win of  35 seats and the Democrats are sitting pretty with a projected 32 seat gain.  Skeptical Brotha’s prediction : Correct.


Tennessee screws the whore, leaves nothing by the bedside table


The horrifying specter of a Ford presidency is dead.  Barack Obama, the Safe Negro, can breathe easy again. Tennessee voters, enthralled by the wingnut hysteria and false religiosity of the religious right, overwhelmingly banned same-sex marriage and doomed Harold Whore, Jr’s. chances to play on the bigtime stage of the U.S. Senate as the Corporate Whore from Tennessee.  This defeat was not the result of racism and white supremacy, on the contrary, the last Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, Bob Clement, failed by the same 50,000 vote margin in 2002.  Congressman Bob Clement, the scion of the Tennessee dynasty that produced his father, a former Governor, failed to be elected to the Senate as well.

I looked at these numbers on Friday night and although I didn’t see where this victory was going to happen, I marveled at the effectiveness of the most expensive snow-job in Tennessee history put on by Memphis’s golden boy of corporate expediency.   His campaign Chairman, Democratic Congressman Lincoln Davis, worked his heart out for Harold but his people voted in record numbers for him, the governor(another evil democrat corporate whore), but not Harold.

What a damn shame.  I know what y’all think.  It’s like the story of the Omen I recounted earlier,Harold was stabbed in the back by a white chick, and the specter of miscegenation.  That is D.C. beltway B.S.   Harold lost this race because of the dynamics of Senate campaigns.  The reason he lost is because democrats didn’t field a credible challenger for this seat in 2000.  If Frist had been held to anything under 60%, this seat would have fallen to the Whore this year.

The D.C. Beltway pundits are now touting him for another Senate race against Lamar Alexander, the state’s senior Senator in 2008.   IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.  If he does that, he’ll become a two-time loser.

Harold better find him a perch on K-Street as a lobbyist.  That’s where a high-class, corporate whore of his caliber belongs.  It’s time for Harold to find him some well-heeled Johns to screw so he can stop waisting his time prostituting himself for people who can’t appreciate his talent. Perhaps he can become a cabinet secretary in the next administration of DLC triangulators. 

This is what happens when the Congressional Black Caucus favors a corporate whore over Kweisi Mfume with campaign cash and campaign help