George Allen’s defeat, a post-mortem


Having come down from the elation of watching George Allen concede Virginia’s Senate race to Jim Webb, I am struck by the realization of how close the Commonwealth came to re-electing him and placing its imprimatur on an unapologetic racist and homophobe. The stark reality of Allen’s strong vote totals make Doug Wilder’s election as the first Black elected Governor seem like divine intervention.

Were the revelations surrounding his gratuitous use of racial slurs not clear for the 1.1 million people that voted for him?  I am trying to wrap my mind around the ideology that allows a person to vote for an unapologetic racist and homophobe in good conscience.  Do they feel protected in the anonymity of the voting booth in exercising their racial animus?  Do they give in to these urges to support racism on a regular, daily basis? 

Are they rationalizing these allegations away or do they just not care?  More disturbingly, are they comforted and confirmed in their own prejudice by voting for him? These nagging questions floating around my head have a way of sapping my strength and stealing the joy of his defeat away from me.

Given the questions swirling around in my spirit about him, I cannot fathom why any sentient, sane African American would endorse him for any reason and provide him political cover, especially after several white professionals and collegues came forward to confirm his prejudice by recounting his unchecked use of the most virulent, anti-black, racial epithet in the lexicon.

What kind of twilight zone are they living in.  It’s as if these Negroes have ignored the entire sorrid racial history of this nation and believe that it doesn’t matter.  It has always mattered and always will. It mattered to Michael Satcher and Ronald Bennett, two African American men George Allen allowed to be executed by the Commonwealth after exculpatory evidence of innocence was brought to his attention and ignored for reasons of political expediency and probable racial animus.

Finally, despite everything, how can anyone profess to like a racist? Chris Matthews said that crap today before Allen’s concession speecch.  Can somebody help me understand that?  Was this “like” a factor in people’s vote to support a racist? Do they think, “Yeah, I know he is a Klansman, but he is really personable, I think I’ll vote for him.”  Somebody please explain that thought process to me so I can sleep at night.

8 thoughts on “George Allen’s defeat, a post-mortem

  1. Ken Bruce

    With all the mud throwing by the GOP the many people could not discern truth from fiction. If a candidate seems personable, it’s hard to believe the charges against him. Many believed Allen’s using of the N word was a Dem dirty trick!

  2. Ken,

    I do not believe that there are large numbers of gullible people in Virginia that would believe that democrats would make up a story about Allen using the N-Word when he already was caught on camera using a racial slur against an Indian American. Your asking me to believe that people are stupid. I simply don’t buy it.

    Face it, there are large numbers of people who are confirmed in their own racism by voting for Allen.

  3. Vivian,

    I haven’t seen the exit polls, but I shall look for them. The idea that black folks would become delusional and vote for a confirmed racist is ludicrous to me. I don’t believe that 15% number.

  4. George Allen and the people who supported and voted him prove that America has a long way to go before dealing with the deep psychological ramifications of slavery and racism.

    Be prepared to stay up late many nights wrestling with the questions you posed in your post because as long as people feel that bigoted and racist thoughts/deeds are their BIRTHRIGHT, true change will be elusive and fleeting.

    And I love the spankings you give Harold Ford Jr!
    Don’t stop!

  5. iamnotstarjones,

    You are very correct, our nation cannot seem to handle the psychological ramifications of white supremacy. It is either denied or minimized and treated as if it were some past bad deed better left unexamined. It is a contemporary reality that refuses to go away.
    Professor Derek Bell has written extensively on the permanence of racism in American society. He is dead on and white America can’t deal.

    As for the Whore, I call it like I see it, baby. Thanks. 🙂

  6. You know my thoughts on Allen already. He puts a pretty face on the deep dark regions of the soul. For white people (I am one), it is that latent fear of blackness that all of us probably still have under a psychological rock somewhere. For the black people that support him, I can only guess that some money or power or protection he offers them overpowers self-respect. Maybe hating blacks is OK as long as you hate homos too. I don’t know. That’s part of why I read your blog – I think you want to find out too.

  7. Skep, you raise a good point. But for that macaca moment, our man would have been back in the halls of the senate. And who knows, could have even been our President one day.

    Unfortunately, this is the country we live in. But at least some of us folks are aware of all the crap that goes on around us, and we see it for what it is. Unfortunately, some of us are still in denial, or, we choose to turn our backs because we profit from it.-insert some of our pastors, and the people you mentioned here- and that’s sad.

    Now get some sleep 🙂

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