Jesse, Jr. Drops Out


Acknowledging the reality of new-found Democratic power in Washington, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.  dropped out of the 2007 Chicago Mayoral race against longtime Mayor Richard M. Daley.  The battle of the scions is no more.  I am deeply saddened.  My disappointment in not being able to cover what would have been a historic contest is somewhat mollified by the spectacle toy of democratic power in D.C.  I can actually watch C-SPAN again without clenched teeth.  Yea!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Jesse, Jr. Drops Out

  1. Patrice

    I just found your blog while searching for information on the past election. I have to say that I am so upset that I didn’t find it sooner, you are great! I will certainly bookmark this and check back often. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rikyrah

    I, too, just found your blog in the last 24 hours, and I must say, you are smart, funny…downright hilarious. I couldn’t stop clicking on the sidebars to read your stuff. The Harold Ford stuff alone is worth coming to this blog. The Omen one, and calling him a Sith -fabulous.

    I also enjoyed your Obama posts.

    As for this one, Jesse Jr. knew which way the wind was blowing in Chicago. He was doing it the right way, though. He wasn’t giving up that seat in Congress until the people PROVED that they wanted him to run – registering X number of new voters; raising X amount of dollars. He was using the same strategy Harold Washington did before he chose to run for Mayor. Plus, Congressman Jackson’s attempt at a broad -based racial coalition failed to materialize, because nobody Hispanic would join him.

    Now, he can go back to Congress, be in the majority for the first time, and actually work and possibly succeed on getting his pet obsession – The Third Airport – to fruition.

    Keep up your excellent work. I have definitely bookmarked this site.

  3. Patrice, Rikyrah

    Thanks ladies for the kudos, I deeply appreciate your words of encouragement and support. I will endeavor to keep y’all informed with my usual wry take on politics and personality.

  4. Rikyrah

    Skeptical Brotha,

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on Cory Booker, the new mayor of Newark. is blistering on him. You have any thoughts on him?

    I was reading another blog about how the ‘Call Me’ ad cut both ways with White Men AND Black Women, and one of the comments on it said..’ somewhere in the NJ Projects, Cory Booker is taking notes’.

    I was LMAO at the image, cause I totally think it’s true.

  5. Hi, I’m new to WordPress and stumbled across your blog..very interesting.

    After being lead by vicious Republicans for so long, I almost want to do cart wheels beause the Democrats have taken control of the House. We wanted change, we voted for change…PLEASE let us see change!

  6. Rikyrah,

    I am still evaluating Cory Booker and his Administration. That fact that he was prominently featured on Fox News during his Mayoral campaigns was extremely significant and telling. He seems to be one of those new Negroes without a clue as to what the black consensus is. That troubles me. What we here from them is a slick, Madison Avenue snow job of campaign promises that never come to fruition.

    The Black Commentator really clocked him and his backers. It remains to be seen if he can release himself from their clutches and rule Newark as his own man.

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