Happy Birthday to me




I won’t gonna post nothin’today, the 35thanniversary of my birth, but I heard from the Voice of God, as far as I am concerned, when Bruce Dixon, formerly of Black Commentator, contacted me on this blog.  The Black Commentator has been an uncompromising voice of authentic black thought and protest.  The former contributors, of whom he is one, have launched a new website and blog that pays me the ultimate complement by linking here.  I cannot tell y’all what a gift and ego boost that is to me.

It is more important than Courtland Milloy’s mention of this blog in the Washington Post, the establishment voice of the white power structure. It is the ultimate validation. I look forward to reading their site and have provided a link to them.

I bought Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign vehicle today, The Audacity of Hope, and will fill you in on my perspectives in the coming days.  I intend to be as supportive of the brotha as I can be, but I still firmly believe that with Russ Feingold’s exit from the Presidential race, Hillary’s position as the frontrunner is solidifying. Whichever road to the Convention I take, it will be with the express purpose of getting Obama on that ticket. I ain’t even gonna front, I believe people of color have earned a seat at the table of power. 

The time is right for it, and I feel he is the right one for this ticket. I don’t really care whether Bill and Hillary agree or not. Enough delegates can be elected that make his presence on the ticket mandatory.  The question is whether or not Obama deserves that kind of loyalty from us or from progressives more broadly.

The Congressional Black Caucus is still in my crosshairs and their growing power as a result of Tuesday’s election will be a focus this week, as well as the traitors in their midst:  Al Wynn, Artur Davis, David Scott, Gregory Meeks, Edolphus Towns, Hankerchief Head Johnson, and Sanford Bishop. I hate to include brotha Sanford on the list because he has been supportive of Cynthia McKinney, but he has too many black constituents (44%) to be voting like a damn redneck.