Shepherd endorses Jefferson over Carter





Senator Derrick  Shepherd

Surrounded by a gaggle of jackleg Preachers, hangers-on, a stray white woman, and “Dollar Bill”Jefferson sycophants, former congressional candidate and State Senator Derrick Shepherd, endorsed his scandal-plagued rival.  “I cannot support someone who believes in abortion on demand,” the Senator said. “I cannot support someone who believes in gay marriage.” As I pointed out in a previous post, State Rep. Karen Carter is a progressive whose social views are shaped by the twenty-first century, not the nineteenth.  Louisiana banned abortion and gay-marriage this year as if either was a top priority to anybody unlucky enough to be a storm victim in the hurricane devastated southern state.

Apparently, Senator Shepherd believes that what the impoverished victims of Hurricane Katrina need is a culture warrior with a proclivity for taking bribes, instead of a congresswoman who will focus on getting them back home, back to school, and back to work.  This endorsement is shockingly fraudulent because it is wrapped up in misogyny and homophobia, and served up with dash of false religiosity.

This is all so curious, coming from somebody who campaigned against Jefferson in the primary as someone too preoccupied by scandal to be effective.  Now, fresh from a baptism of hate by the assembled jackleg preachers, Jefferson is fit to serve the people he never gave a damn about before.

This pathetic display is why the Congressional Black Caucus should be actively engaged in this race on Karen Carter’s behalf.  Instead, they screamed and moaned over Jefferson being stripped of his House Ways and Means Committee assignment.  Before that, they were pushing to have the corrupted Negro chair the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the 2003-2004 cycle.  I am sure that would have looked great for his office to be raided by the FBI during a Presidential election.  The GOP and their minions at Fox News would have had a field day with that manna from Heaven.

Get this, since Brett M. Pfeffer, a former legislative director to Jefferson pleaded guilty to aiding, and abetting bribery of a public official (Jefferson) in January, ten members of the Congressional Black Caucus have given campaign contributions to Jefferson.  Kendrick Meek, D-FL gave $1000 and Al Green, D-TX $2000 in March, followed by Diane Watson, D-CA $500, Mel Watt, D-NC $2000, Carolyn Kilpatrick, D-MI $2000, Jim Clyburn, D-SC, $1000, Bobby Rush, D-IL $2000, and Donald Payne, D-NJ $2000, in September. Danny Davis, D-IL, and Barbara Lee, D-CA both gave $1000 in October. 

These contributions show conclusively that the Congressional Black Caucus represents nobody but themselves.  Some of these names show up on the roster of CBC members that always vote to represent the interests of the African American Community.  These people have castigated this Administration for failing the hundreds of thousands of victims of Katrina.  It is blatantly hypocritical for them to contribute campaign cash to a crook, possibly saddling these people with an ineffective and venal corporate thief for another two critical years.