fascist Glenn Beck assaults black muslim congressman


Once upon a time, CNN was an objective journalistic organization with a balance of perspectives and an abundance of talent.  What it has become, after a decade of propaganda from FOX News Channel, is a pathetic imitation of its rival with less than A list talent. It’s breathless, demagogic cheerleading for the Iraq War was a true benchmark of depravity in its epic slide from journalism into sycophancy.  It’s toothless interrogation of Bush Administration officials after the lies of expediency were revealed was another sign of their slide to the darkside of the force.  Finally, their hiring of high school educated Glenn Beck to supplement Headline News, is a signal of their alliance with the minions of evil.

Glenn Beck’s questioning of Congressman-elect Keith Ellison, was a trifecta of ignorance that managed to impugn the brotha’s patriotism, castigate his religion, and insult his race. This is a feat rarely seen on any other network besides Fox News.  It is a singular achievement that deserves to be denounced in the strongest possible terms.