Wanted: Confederate Outreach Director for 2008 U.S. Senate Campaign


Job Title: Confederate Outreach Director

Job Description: The Outreach Director will be hired to work across the state using a variety of gimmicks to cultivate public support for Harold Ford, Jr. among rednecks with bad cases of confederate nostalgia.

Job Duties:  Plan and implement confederate outreach strategy for Tennesse for Harold Ford, Jr. for U.S. SENATE 2008.  Identify and cultivate allies among right-wing, neo-fascist, confederate nostalgia groups.  Partner with existing confederate nostalgia groups to work in areas of public opinion, grassroots organizing, and coalition building to increase awareness of Harold Ford, Jr and his right-wing, confederate friendly agenda.  Plan, organize and/or attend educational events, community forums, cross burnings and other “speaking” engagements;Identify dissemination points for Harold Ford, Jr propaganda materials and messages, including potential local ad placement opportunities that feature Harold Ford, Jr flanked by all manner of confederate regalia, flags, and all other types of confederate bulls#*t.

Qualifications: Must be melanin deprived and have an affinity for the Confederacy and that “Old Time Religion.” 

Contact: Please fax your resume, salary requirements, and three recommendations to:   1-800-SELLOUT. 

Michael Richards, Racist


Given the number of searches performed which include “Michael Richards,” I can surmise that y’all want my take on the incident at the Laugh Factory.  Now, Chillun, y’all know that this is a political blog and that Michael Richards is an entertainer.  I have a secret, just between us.  Come closer an listen carefully: my concern for Michael Richards is the same as my concern for what I flush down the toilet every morning.

Y’all feel me on that?

Ok Chillun, now that we have an understandin’, let’s proceed, shall we? If I were in beautiful, sunny California, the first place I would fall up in would not be The Laugh Factory to hear Michael Richards do stand-up!  Y’all feel me?  Somebody say, Amen!

Why in the Hell were there any black people in the room? This is , afterall, Michael Richards, of Seinfeld fame-the show about nothing.  It must be some powerful Herb y’all smoking to believe you’re gonna be entertained by Michael Richards, a man who pretended to be a part of a dysfunctional group of white friends in New York City, none of whom knew, worked with, or had any meaningful contact with people of color.

How racist is that?  Seinfeld’s imaginary white world of wacko’s, devoid of colored folks, became one of television’s most successful show’s in history.  Michael Richards had a piece of a television show that netted Jerry Seinfeld $300 million.  Why on God’s green earth would some harmless heckling from some stray Negroes, who had no business paying for a ticket to see him, bother a 57 year-old man with a stake in a multi-million dollar franchise that pays him every time its seen on syndication?

His malicious use of the word Nigger, the most inflammatory epithet in the lexicon, over an incident of this nature reveals the ugly underbelly of racism which infects everything and harms everybody in this nation, including Hollywood.  His outburst emptied the Theater. It just proves what those brotha’s said: He ain’t funny, and his racism is no laughing matter.


I was gonna leave this out, but my profane and ignorant friend apparently wants me to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what a bigoted troglodyte he is for defending the indefensible and for using racial epithets to do it.  My point is simply this: the show Seinfeld, the concept of which I could never appreciate, being colored and all, was picketed by Puerto Rican and gay activists for one of their more gratuitously racist and stereotypical storylines. Period.