Michael Richards, Racist


Given the number of searches performed which include “Michael Richards,” I can surmise that y’all want my take on the incident at the Laugh Factory.  Now, Chillun, y’all know that this is a political blog and that Michael Richards is an entertainer.  I have a secret, just between us.  Come closer an listen carefully: my concern for Michael Richards is the same as my concern for what I flush down the toilet every morning.

Y’all feel me on that?

Ok Chillun, now that we have an understandin’, let’s proceed, shall we? If I were in beautiful, sunny California, the first place I would fall up in would not be The Laugh Factory to hear Michael Richards do stand-up!  Y’all feel me?  Somebody say, Amen!

Why in the Hell were there any black people in the room? This is , afterall, Michael Richards, of Seinfeld fame-the show about nothing.  It must be some powerful Herb y’all smoking to believe you’re gonna be entertained by Michael Richards, a man who pretended to be a part of a dysfunctional group of white friends in New York City, none of whom knew, worked with, or had any meaningful contact with people of color.

How racist is that?  Seinfeld’s imaginary white world of wacko’s, devoid of colored folks, became one of television’s most successful show’s in history.  Michael Richards had a piece of a television show that netted Jerry Seinfeld $300 million.  Why on God’s green earth would some harmless heckling from some stray Negroes, who had no business paying for a ticket to see him, bother a 57 year-old man with a stake in a multi-million dollar franchise that pays him every time its seen on syndication?

His malicious use of the word Nigger, the most inflammatory epithet in the lexicon, over an incident of this nature reveals the ugly underbelly of racism which infects everything and harms everybody in this nation, including Hollywood.  His outburst emptied the Theater. It just proves what those brotha’s said: He ain’t funny, and his racism is no laughing matter.


I was gonna leave this out, but my profane and ignorant friend apparently wants me to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what a bigoted troglodyte he is for defending the indefensible and for using racial epithets to do it.  My point is simply this: the show Seinfeld, the concept of which I could never appreciate, being colored and all, was picketed by Puerto Rican and gay activists for one of their more gratuitously racist and stereotypical storylines. Period.  

36 thoughts on “Michael Richards, Racist

  1. None of your f#*%g business

    Feel this.
    “my concern for Michael Richards is the same as my concern for what I flush down the toilet every morning.”
    Do you know him? Has he personally done anything to you? Then you are simply pointing out that you are a piece of sh*t. See how I don’t hide behind innuendo.
    “Why in the Hell were there any black people in the room? This is , afterall, Michael Richards, of Seinfeld fame-the show about nothing. It must be some powerful Herb y’all smoking to believe you’re gonna be entertained by Michael Richards, a man who pretended to be a part of a dysfunctional group of white friends in New York City, none of whom knew, worked with, or had any meaningful contact with people of color.”
    You never watched the show and you automatically make racial distinctions. Just because he incorporated every race in the world in that show doesn’t mean sh#*t to a racist like you. Most groups of friends are from the same racial group. But if they are white that’s racist. F#*k off.
    “Seinfeld’s imaginary white world of wacko’s, devoid of colored folks”
    Again, you obviously never watched the show. Shut up you dumb fu%#*ng nigger.
    “Why on God’s green earth would some harmless heckling from some stray Negroes”
    First off, heckling is considered pretty fu#*^d up at a live show. Only stupid niggers wouldn’t know better. Richards never goes to their job and smacks the crack pipe out of their hand. If you heckle a live performer, F#*K YOU YOU PIECE OF S#*T. You deserve whatever you get. Either get on a stage and work the number of years he has to get somewhere or shut your fu*#%g mouth while the man does his job. By the way, “negroes” is just as offensive, not that a stupid nigger like you would know that.
    “His malicious use of the word Nigger, the most inflammatory epithet in the lexicon, over an incident of this nature reveals the ugly underbelly of racism which infects everything and harms everybody in this nation, including Hollywood.”
    I completely agree. Black people using the word nigger in every possible art form from movies to music is truly a blight on our society. Homosexuals use the word “queer” to take the power of the word away and render it a harmless series of letters rather than a horribly painful remark. Apparently, niggers are far dumber than queers. If you don’t like the word, quit using it in popular context. Don’t act like some white guy is racist when I hear the word over and over again from black people FAR MORE than I ever here it from whites. Blacks give it the power it has. Use what little brains you have, if you don’t like it QUIT SAYING IT AND POPULARIZING IT.
    Beyond that, quit being so fu*#%ng rude at someone else’s show. If you are so much better then get on the stage. Otherwise, shut your fu^#*ng stupid black mouth.

  2. This racist tirade proves everything I have just said and more. I will resist the urge to delete this trash so that everyone can see the full scope of your ignorance and the lengths to which some people will go to apologize for a racist. Your inability to be logical, calling me a racist while using racist epithets against all black folks, is just rib tickling FUNNY. You might want to try your routine on the road, at a comedy club in Detroit. 🙂 I will also add an addendum to the post which will document how the show’s humor was received in the puerto rican and gay communities.

  3. a northwest girl

    “If I were in beautiful, sunny California, the first place I would fall up in would not be The Laugh Factory to hear Michael Richards do stand-up! Y’all feel me? Somebody say, Amen!”

    Amen. On so many levels, Amen.

  4. Rikyrah

    When I first heard about this incident on the radio this morning while I was exercising, I actually stopped when the talk show played a snippet from it. I was like, DAYUM – this is ridiculous.

    Then, the talk show host had someone who was actually THERE on the radio, and this guy made some things clear:
    1. They were not heckling Michael Richards. It was a group of about 20 people, and they were together, just talking.
    2. Out of the group of 20, there were only 2 African-Americans, so it’s not like there were a group of them to point to. He singled the guy out.

    It’s repulsive and disgusting, and that so much hatred dwells in the hearts of men is sad.

    And, yes, if I ever get back to L.A., The Laugh Factory will NEVER be on my list of ‘things to do.’

  5. Patrice

    Hey SB. Just checking in to say that I’m still reading every day even when I don’t say anything. It’s a shame that we still live in such a racist society. Like my mother always said, “What’s in the heart will come out!” It’s amazing to watch people try to clean up for this bigot, I suspect he’ll be in rehab before the week is over.

    BTW, I thought the best way to get to your little visitor was to ignore him. It will probably kill him that no one is willing stoop to his low level.

  6. yOBTARF

    I SEE Its ok for black comediens to do a whole show about whites, DEF comedy jam, ONE GUY using a routine where he knocks older white people to the ground calling them bitches and such. I dont agree with what mikey did, I think he should of controlled himself a little better. Where is the outrage about the jokes the comediens on Def use every night it is on. I think we as a nation are just afraid that we will offend a black person with t his word. I have been around the world as well as living in Va for many years and have to say all blacks arent niggers, a portion yes, Yet i also think there is as many whites who fit that description also. Look at the stats. I will not watch anything on Mikey anymore, But where is the outrage about black comedians using white bashing as a whole routine. Its as if we have to give those people a pass, I dont think so. Well everyone here thinks they are so smart. and it is easier to jump on Mikey than to see the truth. Some Blacks are just as guilty of being a racist as some white. Are you still pissed about not getting yalls land and mules. If so GET THE F#*K OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brotha, thanks for leaving the simple-minded, turmoiled, racist posts available for all to see. You would think they would be embarrassed, but it just goes to show the amount of hatred that still exists in the world – particularly America.
    The level of deflection on this issue never ceases to amaze me. Michael Richards was caught on tape dropping the n-bomb as if he was drugged, and people keep pointing the finger back at blacks who use the word as if this somehow justifies Richards’ use of the word. Why do they not want to specifically hold Michael Richards accountable for what HE said – especially in the context in which he said it? It is a deflection. The last responder injected everything but the kitchen sink into his argument.
    yOBTARF, this is about Michael Richards and his uncontrolled, unnecessary RACIST attack on two hecklers who happened to be black. It is not about Black comedians. It is not about DEF Comedy Jam. It is not about “n-words” you’ve encountered in Virginia.
    It is about Michael Richards and HIS racist ranting behavior. It is too bad, and even sad, that you and that first racist bigot deflect responsibility away from Michael Richards’ by accusing every one else.

  8. By the way, seeing what yOBTARF (I just read it backward, what’s THAT all about?) said, do you see how George Allen got a free pass in this state for so long? It’s just bubbling under the surface, is all.

  9. Michael Richards was completely out of line. There is no excuse for his behavior. What an ignorant fool. I am ashamed of his behavior. I am ashamed of him. I don’t even care for his apology – what he said was so completely offensive I couldn’t even believe it.

    I liked this article. Very well written.

  10. Rikyrah

    Heard someone on the radio who was actually there. This person insists that Richards was NOT heckled. The group this guy was with was talking amongst themselves, and only responded to Richards, when Richards ASKED THEM their opinion of his act.

    He was not heckled.

  11. CaptFriday

    “None of your f#*5g business”? Um…great alias, Mr. Richards. At least you didn’t go with “Kramer.”

  12. uh, yeah… that was the most hateful, vitriolic thing i’ve ever heard said in public in my lifetime. that was indeed uncalled for. but i say that there’s a difference between referring to lynching, or implicitly advocating it, as Richards was doing, and actually smiling for the camera in front of the burning corpse of a murdered, tortured black victim. nobody really knows for sure if Richards is the kind of man who would do that. he might me. i don’t know.

    aren’t we all souls seeking peace, even in our own day? don’t we all want to make a better life for ourselves? don’t we all want to avoid suffering and be happy?

    who knows what i once was? nobody, not even me. i don’t know if i am more than what i see in the mirror or less. i could have been anybody in a previous lifetime: e.g., i could have once been a cruel mongol soldier who poured molten silver into his enemy’s ear.

    but whatever i was, whatever i am, i hope that i am moving in the direction towards compassion, and away from suffering. i think everyone wants that deep down, even Mr. Richards.

    anyone who is at peace should know, hopefully from verbal communication and not from experience, that judging someone on a single narrow, dimension just doesn’t cut it; all things and events are dependently originated. it’s hard to understand, and never simple.

    “kramer” was unethical at the Laugh Factory. fortunately, modern people in general seem to be taking baby steps in a direction of tolerance and understanding, and “kramer” has those people to fall back on, because the only way he can learn not to be racist now is by people in general forgiving him for being one.


  13. Yoda

    Can we please talk about the true meaning of the word “racist”?
    It is when one race of people have power over another race of people and use that power to distinguish the former race as inferior.

    So my comment to the first post and fratboy would be:

    Uhh I’m pretty sure that Skept is black. In America it would be impossible for him to be racist simply based on this fact when compared to the definition.


  14. skepticalbrotha,
    Amen. Good s*it. And I’m diggin your writing and your blog in general, but what the hell are these white supremacist commenters doing hangin out here? Don’t they have better places to go, like some local cross burning? Shoo! Or to put it another way, “Look, there’s a racist! He’s a racist! A racist! A racist, look, there’s a racist!”
    If you happen to be interested, here’s what I had to say about it…

  15. Darcy Cote

    What if the people that apparently heckled him were white. What would his response be? think about that. I am white and I can say that what he said clearly shows how messed up United States is. We are all equal in the eyes of God. I happily can say I have close friends of many colors and would do anything for them over many whites. By the way, I have many white friends too. I find it all so silly, acting like children. Skin color is well only skin deep. Those who are racist, well it shows their ignorance and intelligence. I always think that anyone who is racist should be transported to a country where that race predominates at least for a year. Of course that is impossible but would hopefully be educational for them and may change their ways. We were all created by God, we all started as little babies who wanted love from the world. Lets all get along and see our brothers and sisters as equal and what is important for them is important for us. If you don’t believe in God, doesn’t matter, we are all equal and just important no matter status, wealth, or skin color. Don’t you get it!

  16. ILK

    Let me see if I understand this correctly.

    You complain about Seinfeld having no blacks on the show….but say nothing about all the black shows that had none, if rarely, any whites.

    You ask how racist is it for Seinfeld to have no blacks….fair enough.
    So how racist is it to have show that have all blacks?

    Works both ways.

  17. Yoda,

    I understand completely the gist of your comments but I have a thought for you. Where was the Congressional Black Caucus when Rwanda was allowed to occur and the Clinton Administration allow phamaceutical companies to stall the African development of generic AIDS drugs. These are Negroes with some measure of power and influence that didn’t use it to raise Holy Hell as they should have. What has been allowed to happen in Africa is genocide any way you look at it and its happening with black politicians consent. Is it any wonder the Bush Administration has put a phamaceutical executive in charge of AIDS relief?

  18. skepticalbrotha, I just wanted to apologize for cussing in my very first post here, I have no idea where my manners went. That aside, I very much appreciate your kind words at Zuky and expect to become a regular reader here. Peace.

  19. Katryna

    To the first poster and anyone who tries to use the lame “double standard” argument:

    Why do people think that just because some black people in the entertainment industry use a word that all black people have accepted it? Rappers and teenagers use the word. R&B artists don’t. TV shows written by black people don’t. In general society, black people over the age of 35 don’t. Rappers are the black equivalent of rockers. They do extreme things to get attention. Teenagers do the same thing. They do NOT represent the status quo of black society. Should I go around saying that white people regularly bite the heads off of chickens and tear up hotel rooms when they vacation just because that’s the reputation that rockers have? Should I assume that all white people act with the same level of maturity as teenagers? (Oh, wait . . . nah)

    And, even if black people in general have embraced the word, it doesn’t mean that the word is okay for everyone else to use. The example already said was with homosexuals and the word “queer.’ They apparently don’t mind being called that. Here’s an opposite example. B*tch. Some women call each other that, but only if they’re close friends. If someone else says it, it’s still offensive. If a group of women went to a comedy show and a male comedian yelled it over and over at them, they would be highly offended and it would probably make the news. The comedian would probably have to apologize. The difference is, I HIGHLY doubt that anyone would say “Women say it, why can’t men call them that? It’s a double standard!”

    Get over yourself.

  20. Katryna,

    Excellent argument and very cogent. Thank You. Somtimes lucid arguments are hard to come by. I am very glad that you decided to post and show our ignorant friends how it’s done.

  21. Rose Jerry

    I think that those hecklers have no right to be so dispespectful to someone who is onstage trying to do his jokes.And I totaly think those hecklers shouldn’t get any kind of compensation for this because it would only encourage them and more people to think it’s ok to yell things out to people who are on stage.They have some nerve.They are trying to use their race to get money.same old crap.I would have said the same thing..you fuc*#n moolies..just think you can yell at people and it’s ok when you say crackers or honky. He apologized ..now what they f#*k else do you need?why aren’t the hecklers paying Michael Richards for their rudeness.If anyone’s feelings were hurt or anyone recieved pain..it was Michael Richards..not the hecklers.Michael Richards should stand up for himself in this and not let some dumbasses who were at the show one night cause him to loose his carrer over somethin so stupid.They caused him to get mad and say things that he really didn’t mean.It was very rude..and they should not be able to get anything.There should be an anti-heckler law at comedy clubs.U want respect..then show the guy onstage some respect.. Sincerely Rose

  22. Prince Ali

    First of all, I have to say that what Michael Richards said is unacceptable. As a professional, he should know how to control himself on stage. The only problem I have is with your cricism of blacks going to a see the white comedian. You obviously think that racism is a bad thing. Not a hard conclusion to come to. Yet, when some there is intermingling going on, you hate on your “brothers”. The fact that the Seinfeld show had main characters that are only white is a pretty good reflection of what occurs in society…and that’s not just a white thing. Ya’ll feel me? Perhaps when we can ALL drop the color boundaries and then shows that present interracial characters will be more realistic. However, that’s a long time coming if we criticize blacks for going to see white comedians and vice-versa. It’s a vicious circle. The break has to come somewhere. It obviously isn’t in this blog.

    By the way, I’m Persian.

  23. Prince,

    Your majesty, Welcome to Skeptical Brotha. The sad part about the whole Michael Richards incident is that the people he called racial epithets were genuine fans of Seinfeld. They were fans of his in particular. I think that is ridiculous, but to each his own.

  24. Prince Ali

    I agree with you. It is ridiculous. On another note, I was told that the two patrons who were insulted by Richards were interviewed and they said that they referred to him as “honkey” during the performance. Again, this doesn’t justify Richard’s actions. I just remember someone saying in a message above that they did not heckle him.

  25. Mohammed

    good for micheal. these black poele need to learn some damn respect, they think that everybody hates them becuse there black,,NO poeple hate you because you have attitude problem and no f#*$ing respect. there all monkeys and should be locked up in a zoo

  26. Jay

    I don’t think Michael is more racist than any other white man, black man, asian man or any other race of people.

    Nobody reading this can say, hand on heart, that they have never thought a “racist” thought in their life. Everybody does. It’s human nature.

    Blacks are just as racist as whites – anyone who disagrees with the statement is just plain ignorant.

    I also find the guy who write this article above, mr “sceptical brotha” writes in a very offensive and racist way. So a racist critsizing a racist is pretty pointless. Don’t you agree?

    My opinion on Richards? He’s an idiot for saying what he said. Is he more racist than the acerage person on the street? Probably not.

    My ethos is treat people based on their attitude, NOT their colour.

  27. Kramer rules!

    Seinfeld is racist for not having black people?


    Please, you’re hurting black people just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

  28. weewee

    I dont like any racial slurs. I live in a poverty stricken region and get called honkey or cracker all week. Whats the difference?

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